Leading indicators and tendency surveys

Fifth Joint EU-OECD Workshop on Business and Consumer Opinion Surveys Brussels 2011 - papers


Monthly business leaders' opinion survey in the manufacturing sector

Carlos Sandoval Ortiz, INEGI, Mexico


On the performance of consumer confidence measurement

Türknur Hamsici Brand, Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey, Research and Monetary Policy Department


"Those unpredictable recessions ... "

Sergey V. Smirnov
Higher School of Economics, “Development Center‟ Institute, Moscow


Nowcasting GDP directional change with BTS data

Matthieu Cornec, INSEE, France


The NIRCU and the Phillips Curve – an approach-based on micro data

Eva Köberl, KOF, ETH Zurich and Sarah M. Lein, Swiss National Bank, Zurich


Is there a decoupling between soft and hard data? The relationship between GDP growth and the ESI
Olivier BIAU - Angela D'ELIA, Directorate-General of Economic and Financial Affairs, European Commission, Brussels


Industrial production and confidence after the crisis: what's going on?

Marco Malgarini, ISTAT, Italy


The expert marketing positioning system

Daan Zult and Floris van Ruth, Statistics Netherlands









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