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Trade in Value Added: Measuring recent trends in Global Value Chains


The OECD-WTO Trade in Value Added (TiVA) database, first launched in January 2013, has transformed the way we view trade, providing a prism that provides unique insights on the nature of GVCs.

The production of TiVA indicators is a significant data-intensive process, requiring national (input-output and supply-use) data that are not typically available until around three years after the reference period they measure. This has meant that current TiVA estimates have significant time lags. To address this issue and meet the high demand for more timely TiVA estimates, the OECD has developed a ‘now-casting’ approach to generate indicators for more recent periods. This first release of nowcast TiVA data includes estimates up to 2014 (i.e a lag of just under three years). Plans are in place to develop estimates with a lag of less than two years and work is on-going to develop methods and approaches that improve further on these lags.


Data and methods

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    In brief, the approach estimates national input-output tables (currently) for 2012-2014 by projecting relationships observed in the latest TiVA benchmark year (currently 2011) but constrained to core national accounts aggregates of gross output and value-added by industry  and  main aggregates of final demand and trade,  supplemented by bilateral trade statistics; all of which are available throughout the nowcast period. The nowcast estimates are made consistent with TiVA data, covering the period 1995-2011, by converting trade statistics based on the 2008 System of National Accounts standards into 1993 SNA equivalents.  


Finding related data

The OECD nowcast estimates are derived from a number of different data sources, including the 2011 TiVA relationships; national Supply-and-Use tables; merchandise trade statistics; trade in services statistics; and the core national accounts. The OECD source datasets can be accessed below:




For any queries about the OECD TiVA nowcast estimates database, please write to:


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