International trade and balance of payments statistics

OECD-Eurostat Meeting of Experts in Trade in Services Statistics, Paris, 8-10 April 2003


Including a Joint Session with the OECD International Trade Statistics Experts

General information [only available on Internet]

Draft Agenda (updated on 03/04/2003) - STD/NAES/TASS/SERV/A(2003)1

Tuesday 8 April afternoon, Joint Session with the OECD International Trade Statistics Experts

1. OECD work on globalisation

i) Indicators of Economic Globalisation - presentation by OECD/DSTI - DSTI/IND(2003)4 [only available on RMS]
ii) Aspects of Trade Globalization - presentation by OECD/DSTI - DSTI/EAS/IND/SWP(2002)5/Rev1 [only available on RMS]
Delegates are invited to express their views

2. OECD's Trade Indicators Project (TIP)

i) Overview - presentation by OECD/STD
ii) A possible Taxonomy of Statistical Indicators for the Analysis of International Trade and Production - presentation by Italy - STD/NAES/TASS/ITS(2003)13
Delegates are invited to express their views

Wednesday 9 April - Joint Session (continued) starting at 10h00

3. Other cross-cutting issues

i) trade in software - OECD Report of the Software Task Force - STD/DOC(2003)1
Delegates are invited to discuss chapter two of the report and agree its recommendations.
ii) maritime transport - IMF/Banque de France paper on worldwide imbalances on maritime transport - STD/NAES/TASS/SERV(2003)2
Delegates are invited to consider the possible launch of a project on this issue and whether their office is willing to participate.

OECD-Eurostat Meeting of Experts in Trade in Services Statistics - 8th April afternoon -10th April 2003, Beginning at 2:30 p.m.

4. Welcome

5. Adoption of the agenda

6. Minutes of the previous meeting - STD/NAES/TASS/SERV/M(2003)1

7. Implementation of the Recommendations of the Manual on Statistics of International Trade in Services (Manual) [only available on Internet]
a) Country progress reports and case studies
- Presentation by Bank of Japan on FATS statistics
- UN survey on trade-in-services data availability - UNSD oral report
- National presentations to share experiences on new trade-in-services development work are warmly invited.
- Tour de table on national progress and plans (delegates will be invited to summarise any national developments)
b) Progress report on expansion of OECD trade in services by partner country data collection - Presentation by OECD Secretariat
Delegates are invited to comment on:
- accuracy
- methodological and data problems
- publication [only available on Internet]
- data collection proposals for 2003-2004
c) Methodological Soundness Questionnaire - Presentation by Eurostat - STD/NAES/TASS/SERV(2003)4

Thursday 10 April

8. (contd)Implementation of the Manual's Recommendations:
d) i) International FATS statistics developments - presentation OECD/DSTI and Eurostat
e) Compilation Guidance/Technical Assistance - presentation of (draft) World Bank Teaching Module by WTO/OMC - STD/NAES/TASS/SERV(2003)3
f) Tourism questionnaire - presentation by WTO/OMT

9. Further development issues
a) Modes of supply
ii) Measuring Mode 4 : oral progress report OECD/ECH and WTO/OMC - room document 1
ii) Indicators of modes of supply: OECD/STD - room document 3
b) Sectoral issues - measuring trade in: room document 2
-health services - WHO oral report
-insurance services - OECD/STD oral report
c) Raising the profile of trade in services
- Secretariat oral report
- ISI Berlin Oral report by Germany
d)Revision of Balance of Payments Manual -oral report by Secretariat/IMF

10. The joint OECD-Eurostat Trade in Services publication
- feedback on 2003 edition OECD/STD

11. Other business - Future Programme of Work

12. Date of next meeting

13. Close


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