International trade and balance of payments statistics

OECD-Eurostat Meeting of Experts in Trade in Services Statistics, Paris, 28 p.m. - 29 April 2004


General informations:
List of participants


Including a Joint Session with the OECD International Trade Statistics Experts

Draft Agenda

Tuesday 27 April afternoon:
Joint Session with the OECD International Trade Statistics Experts

1. Common session regarding measuring merchandise trade and trade  in services
Welcome and opening by the Chief Statistician of  OECD and Director of the Statistics Directorate 

2. Globalisation, production an trade indicators

a)  OECD :
   Presentations by:
   - OECD Statistics Directorate (STD)  OECD PowerPoint
   - OECD Directorate for Science, Technology and Industry (DSTI)  STD/NAES/TASS/ITS(2004)4    - OECD Directorate for Financial and Enterprise Affairs (DAF)  DAFFE/IME/STAT(2004)1/REV1

b) Other national and international bodies
    - ICE Italy  ITALY PowerPoint
    - CBS Netherlands STD/NAES/TASS/ITS(2004)12   CBS PowerPoint
    - WTO Indicators   STD/NAES/TASS/ITS(2004)8

3. Annotated Outline of  Revised Balance of Payments Manual: Aspects related to trade in goods and services - Overview of issues, process and timetable - presentation by IMF or OECD - IMF annotated outline of revised BPM  STD/NAES/TASS/ITS(2004)1

Room document 1 - this document is only available on the web site"
Revision of the balance of payments -  Manual, fith edition (IMF)  "this document is only available on the web site"

Wednesday,  28 April  joint session with the OECD International Trade Statistics Experts - continued (10 a.m.)

4.  Discussion and presentations of issues related to both trade in goods and trade in services

i. Question of  breakdown of goods and services account
ii. Proposals on breakdown of  merchandise trade in BOP
iii. Treatment of re-exports
iv. Particular issues related to goods
v. Treatment of merchanting services (presentation by Bank of Japan) STD/NAES/TASS/ITS(2004)13   JAPAN PowerPoint
vi. Goods for processing
vii. Repairs on goods
viii. Trade in goods and services between related parties
ix. Software -  OECD presentation of  trade in software data  OECD PowerPoint

Wednesday 28 April afternoon
OECD-Eurostat Expert Meeting on Trade-in-services Statistics

5. Adoption of the OECD-Eurostat TIS agenda

6. Report of previous meeting (updated on 6 May 2004)   STD/NAES/TASS/SER/M(2004)1/FINAL

7. Annotated Outline of  Revised Balance of Payments Manual: Aspects related to trade in services

- Country papers/presentations are invited
- Discussion of
i) residence criteria,
ii) measurement of insurance services - presentation by OECD,  OECD PowerPoint
iii) financial services,
iv) royalties and license fees - presentation by Bank of Japan.  STD/NAES/TASS/SERV(2004)1   JAPAN PowerPoint
v) travel,
vi) defining trade in services in BOP, EBOPS/CPC revision/update
vii) Other issues related to services

8. Special Issue  STD/NAES/TASS/SERV(2004)2   OECD PowerPoint
International Outsourcing of IT and Business Process Services -Decrypting the puzzle of the statistics - presentation by OECD/DSTI and discussion by compilers

Thursday 29 April

9. Implementation of the  Recommendations of the Manual on Statistics of International Trade in Services (Manual)

a) OECD/STD overview paper  STD/NAES/TASS/SERV(2004)3
      -  National presentations to share experiences on new trade-in-services development work are invited.  OECD PowerPoint  
      -  New Zealand  NEW ZEALAND PowerPoint
b) Methodological Soundness Questionnaire - Initial Report Presentation by  Eurostat/OECD 
c) Eurostat Regulations affecting Statistics on Trade in Services: Balance of Payments and Foreign Affiliates - Report by Eurostat Room document 6a  and Room document 6b
d) Compilation Guidance/Technical Assistance  Room document 7     
Training Module - Oral report from OECD/WTO regarding SE Europe capacity building project
f) The CEPII CHELEM database (Trade in  Services)  -  presentation by CEPII - Room document 3  - "this document is only available on the web site"  CEPII PowerPoint

10. Modes of supply

a) Measuring Mode 4 : UNSD PowerPoint
i) interagency progress report UNSD/OECD  Room document 8
ii) Worker remittances and migration statistics -presentation by OECD/SGE OECD PowerPoint
b) Indicators of modes - presentation by OECD  OECD PowerPoint
c) Work in Australia to identify exporters by mode -report by OECD  Room document 2   "this document is only available on the web site"

Coordination of services statistics developments

d) OECD services coordination project - report by OECD Room document 9
e) Revision of ISIC and CPC - oral report by UNSD 

11. Data collection and dissemination

i) Progress report on expansion of  OECD trade in services by partner country data collection  - Presentation  by  OECD Secretariat  OECD PowerPoint
- data collection proposals for 2004-05
- OECD - UNSD cooperation on trade in services
ii) The joint OECD-Eurostat Trade in Services publication
-   Feedback on 2004 edition OECD/STD
-   Proposals for 2005 edition in light of EU expansion

12. Future Programme of Work and Conclusions  OECD PowerPoint

13. Other business and date of next  meeting


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