International trade and balance of payments statistics

OECD-Eurostat Meeting of Experts in Trade in Services Statistics, Paris, 11-12 December 2000


Monday, 11th December

1. Welcome/opening  

2. Adoption of the draft agendaSTD/NA/SERV/A(2000)01

3. Adoption of the minutes of the previous meeting of 5-6 July 1999STD/NA/SERV(2000)4

4. Reports on recent developments
a) Draft Manual on Statistics of International Trade in Services - STD/NA/SERV(2000)2   

i) Conclusions of the Meeting of the UN Expert Group New York 11-12 July (UN) - STD/NA/SERV(2000)3
ii) Latest version of the draft Manual - main changes (OECD/STD) - oral report 
iii) Timetable for completion of the Manual

b) Globalisation Manual (OECD/DSTI) - STD/NA/SERV(2000)5   (French)
c) Tourism Satellite Accounts (OECD/DSTI) - oral report
d) OECD Survey of Internet Financial Services (OECD/DAFFE) - oral presentation

5. Trade policy - statistical information priorities for trade negotiators         
OECD Trade Directorate presentation 

6. Next steps         
i) First steps in implementation of the Manual (recommended core items) - including any country case studies 

a) EBOPS (OECD/STD) - STD/NA/SERV(2000)6  
c) Country developments - US trade in services (US DoC/BEA) - STD/NA/SERV(2000)8
d) Partner country data (OECD/Eurostat) round table discussion - STD/NA/SERV(2000)9

Tuesday, 12th December 

6. Next steps (continued)
ii) Other classification/methodological/developmental issues  - oral report (OECD/STD)

a) Natural Persons (UNCTATD/UN/ILO) - A presentation on Annex 1 of the draft Manual
b) Classification of telecoms and financial services products (Canada/Mexico/US) - STD/NA/SERV(2000)10
c) Draft Annex to the Manual on E-commerce and international trade in services (OECD/WTO) - STD/NA/SERV(2000)11

7. The Joint OECD-Eurostat publication OECD/STD

a) Feedback on 2000 edition (OECD/Eurostat oral report) 
b) Collecting partner country data (OECD/STD) 
c) Collecting EBOPS data (OECD/STD)
d) FATS statistics (OECD/STD)

8. Other business         
9. Future work of the Expert Group
10. Date of next meeting         
11. Closing


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