International trade and balance of payments statistics

OECD-Eurostat Meeting of Experts in Trade-in-services Statistics



Information on Paris and about the Meeting


1. Welcome/opening

2. Adoption of the agenda

Draft Agenda (updated 5 December 2001)

3. Adoption of the minutes of the previous meeting

Report of the Joint OECD-Eurostat Meeting of Experts on Trade-in-Services Statistics, 2000 STD/NA/SERV(2001)1

4. Reports on recent developments:

a) Manual on Statistics of International Trade in Services
i) Conclusions of the Meetings of the UN Statistical Commission and the Interagency Task Force (for information) UNSD and OECD Secretariat oral report
ii) Final English version of the Manual (new additions) Secretariat oral report (for information)
iii) French and other translations of the Manual - UNSD (Delegates comments are Invited)
b) Progress report on OECD work on merchandise trade statistics and ideas on future coordination with services OECD STD oral report
c) Tourism statistics OECD STI oral report
d) FDI/ Financial services progress report - Summary conclusions of FDI workshop OECD/DAFFE mainly for information

5. Implementation of the Manual's Recommendations

a) Country progress reports and case studies
- U.S. International Services: Cross-Border Trade in 2000 and Sales Through Affiliates in 1999
- Enterprise Survey of International Trade in Services 2000: Finland's Experiences STD/NA/SERV(2001)2
- Tour de table on national progress and plans (delegates will be invited to summarise any national developments)
b) First results of the OECD trade in services by partner country data collection Secretariat ( report for discussion and decision on publication strategy ) Secretariat report - Only available on OLIS
Tour de table discussion and decision on publication strategy. Delegates are invited to comment on:
- accuracy
- geographical groupings
- methodological and data problems
- wider dissemination/publication
- data collection proposals for 2002 OECD presentation
c) medium term data collections aims, priorities and organisational issues
- Eurostat report on plans for a new Regulation (for information)
- OECD/STD report on medium term strategy for discussion STD/NA/SERV(2001)4


5. Implementation of the Manual's Recommendations (cont.)

d) i) New FATS statistics presentation OECD/STI
d) ii) Update on Manual of Economic Globalisation Indicators OECD STI oral report
e) Compilation guidance
- Discussion paper on compilation guidance OECD/Eurostat STD/NA/SERV(2001)5
- Presentation of UN trade in services website
- Eurostat Travel report is made available for information

6. Further development issues

a) ICT related issues
- Trade in software : some issues from a user's point of view - OECD presentation
- measurement of international trade in software STD/NA/SERV(2001)7 - OECD presentation - OECD STD for discussion
b) Measuring trade in other services:
- education services - OECD/CERI oral report
- health services - WHO and OECD/ELS oral reports
- telecoms services - presentation by WTO STD/NA/SERV/(2001)6
c) Trade related movement of natural persons:
Seminar on movement of highly qualified persons - OECD STI oral report on the seminar, current work and future plans

7. Trade negotiations and policy needs update

- oral presentation by OECD ECH

8. The joint OECD-Eurostat publication

a) feedback on 2001 edition OECD/STD
b) OECD policy on publishing historical statistics for Euroland countries in Euros STD/NA(2001)8

9. Other business

10. Date of next meeting

11. Close


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