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Measuring Multinational Enterprises


April 2020 - Understanding where Multinational Enterprises (MNEs) are, how they operate, and where they pay taxes is crucial for sound policy making and sound macro-economic statistics. However, surprisingly little official statistics are currently available on individual MNEs.

To fill this gap the OECD has begun to develop a new database – the Analytical Database on Individual Multinationals and Affiliates (ADIMA) – using a number of open big data sources that can provide new insights on individual MNEs and their global profiles.  

Multinational Enterprises AND COVID-19

How is the Coronavirus (COVID-19) impacting Multinational Enterprises MNEs? With 500 MNEs profiled in real time, using Google Trends data, ADIMA helps respond to this question. 

Our new ADIMA Explorer allows you to play with the data and see how the world’s largest MNEs are faring during the crisis.

Click for full screen ADIMA Explorer

>> Access the full Google Trends dataset for the 500 ADIMA MNEs


Finding All the ADIMA data 

ADIMA includes 500 of the world’s largest MNEs with data broken down in four components, each downloadable here:

Physical Register: Providing a comprehensive view of each MNE and its subsidiaries
Digital Register: Providing a view of all websites belonging to each MNE
Indicators: Harmonised indicators at the global level for each MNE
Monitor: Monthly files identifying events which may correspond to large company restructurings and, so, providing early warnings of potential significant changes to estimates of trade, GDP and FDI. 

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Visualising ADIMA: Connections discovered for two individual MNEs

ADIMA-Walmart - Connections discovered for an individual MNE ADIMA–Volkswagen – Connections discovered for an individual MNE
Note: Each dot in the graphic represents an identifier for the MNE and its affiliates, with different colours representing different sources. Relationships are represented by the connecting lines.



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We welcome proposals for other extensions, collaboration and applications using ADIMA but also feedback on the current database. Contact us 


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