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Measuring Multinational Enterprises


In a world of Global Value Chains, understanding Multinational Entreprises (MNEs) – where they are, how they operate, where they pay taxes – has never been more important. However, surprisingly little official statistics are currently available on individual MNEs.

To fill this gap the OECD has begun to develop a new database – the Analytical Database on Individual Multinationals and Affiliates (ADIMA) – using a number of open big data sources that can provide new insights on individual MNEs and their global profiles.


Finding the data

ADIMA has four components which can be downloaded using the following links:


  • Physical Register: Providing a comprehensive view of each MNE and its subsidiaries
  • Digital Register: Providing a view of all websites belonging to each MNE
  • Indicators: Harmonised indicators at the global level for each MNE
  • Monitor: Identification of events which may correspond to large company restructurings and, so, providing early warnings of potential significant changes to estimates of trade, GDP and FDI. 

Data are now available for 100 of the world’s largest MNEs and coverage will be extended in future releases.


Visualising ADIMA: Connections discovered for two individual MNEs

Walmart Carrefour



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