International trade and balance of payments statistics

International Trade Statistics Meeting, Paris, 8-9 June 1999



Minutes of the meeting

1. Welcome and opening

2. Adoption of Agenda  (French)

3. Data availability and transmission to OECD  

4. Country Reports
Reports by country participants on the statistical system in use, recent developments and plans for international trade statistics (in original language). 

5. OECD's new Trade Database System 

6. Improving the content of International Trade Statistics

  1. Uses of trade statistics  
    - OECD Fisheries Division - Power Point Presentation
    - OECD Science, Technology and Industry Dierctorate - Power Point Presentation
    - World Customs Organisation - Power Point Presentation
  2. Statistical issues  (French) - Power Point Presentation
         a) Standard descriptive notes for International Trade Statistics
         b) Unit value and volume indices: methods of calculation and harmonisation of classification 
         c) Classification issues

7. International co-ordination  

8. Future plans (for discussion) 

  1. Actions to be taken
  2. Topics for next meeting 
  3. Date of next meeting 

9. Other Business


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