International trade and balance of payments statistics

International trade in services statistics - Useful links


UN - home page on Statistics on International Trade in Services
This site presents the final version of the Manual on Statistics of international Trade in Services in english and the the draft version (17 November 2000) in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish. It also provides papers on the methodology set out in the Manual and its implementation, as well as country reports on surveys and studies. 
IMF- International Trade in Services: Recent Methodological Developments
The IMF's Statistics Division page dedicated to the Manual on Statistics of International Trade in Services. 
WTO - Trade statistics
This page provides information on the Trade statistics (merchandise and commercial services trade) released by the WTO. 
WTO - General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS)
This page provides information on the GATS and the current trade in services negotiations. 
UNCTAD - World Investment Report page
This page provides information related to the World Investment Report. 
UNCTAD - Publications
This page provides information on UNCTAD publications. 
Eurostat - Economy and Finance
This page includes general national accounts and balance of payments data and provides links to International Trade in Services for EU Member countries and Foreign Direct Investment. 


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