International trade and balance of payments statistics

6th OECD International Trade Statistics Expert Meeting (ITS), Paris, 12-14 (a.m.) September 2005


Venue: 12-14 (a.m.) September 2005, OECD, Paris La Defense 2, Tour Europe, Salle des Nations
Including a Joint Session with the OECD-Eurostat Experts in Trade in Services  Statistics (TIS)


Agenda (9 September 2005)

Monday, 12 September 2005, 10.00 a.m.

1. Welcome and adoption of the agenda 
2. Report of the 5th ITS Meeting 12-14  April 2004, STD/NAES/TASS/ITS(2005)1 (pdf) 
3. Recent developments at  OECD

a) Towards more timely and high quality data: progress report on OECD's ITS databases -OECD, STD/NAES/TASS/ITS(2005)2 (pdf) - Power Point Presentation
b) The OECD ITS database in the UNSD-OECD Joint System: work at the OECD on
           - Trade data  issues - OECD/STD,  STD/NAES/TASS/ITS(2005)3 (pdf) - PowerPoint presentation
           -  Processing System issues - OECD/ITN - PowerPoint presentation


4.  Recent developments in OECD Member Countries

a) OECD summary on country reports received from member countries - OECD, STD/NAES/TASS/ITS(2005)4 (pdf) - PowerPoint presentation
b) Delegates will be invited (tour de table) to report in more detail on significant developments during the past 12 months in their country's trade statistics management and operation and key challenges 

Lunch break

5. Inter - Agency Co-operation and coordination

a) Report on the 36th UN Statistical Commission - UNSD
b) Outcome of the Inter Agency Merchandise Trade Task  Force meeting,  Bangkok, March  2005 - WTO, STD/NAES/TASS/ITS(2005)6 (pdf)
c) Towards one consistent world trade database : OECD and UNSD data sharing  strategy -  OECD and UNSD, STD/NAES/TASS/ITS(2005)7 (pdf)
d) The Inter-Agency Common Data Set in Trade  - WTO,  STD/NAES/TASS/ITS(2005)8 (pdf)

6.   Classification issues affecting trade statistics

a) Revision of activity and product classifications -  implications for trade statistics
- SITC revision update - UNSD, STD/NAES/TASS/ITS(2005)9 (pdf)
- CPC revision update - UNSD

b) Progress report on Harmonized System HS 2007 amendments - World Customs Organization (WCO)

Tuesday,  13th September,  9:30 a.m.

7. Methodological research issues

a) Reconciling merchandise trade data and balance of payments trade in goods - Eurostat, STD/NAES/TASS/ITS(2005)10 - STD/NAES/TASS/ITS(2005)12 (pdf) - PowerPoint presentation
b) Reasons for discrepancies in China's merchandise trade with major partners: the particular role of processed goods - China, STD/NAES/TASS/ITS(2005)11 (pdf) - PoerPoint presentation
c) International trade versus international transport - Netherlands, STD/NAES/TASS/ITS(2005)21 (pdf) - PowerPoint presentation

8.  Linkages of Structural Business Statistics and Trade Statistics

a) Eurostat's experiences, first results and next steps - Eurostat, STD/NAES/TASS/ITS(2005)13 (pdf) - PowerPoint presentation
b) Analysis of answers to OECD's Pilot questionnaire to Non -EU countries on linking business and trade statistics  - OECD, STD/NAES/TASS/ITS(2005)14 (pdf) - PowerPoint presentation

Country experiences:
c) Statistical analysis through linking trade registers and enterprise registers - Germany, STD/NAES/TASS/ITS(2005)15 (pdf) - PowerPoint presentation
d) Linking general business statistics and foreign trade statistics in Goods : the Finnish perspective - Finland, STD/NAES/TASS/ITS(2005)16 (pdf) - PowerPoint presentation

9. Future Programme of work and conclusions. Date of next  7th ITS meeting

Lunch break

Tuesday,  13th September, 2.30 p.m.: Joint Session with the OECD-Eurostat Experts in Trade in Services  Statistics (TIS) 

10. Opening of the common session regarding measuring merchandise trade and trade  in services

Welcome and opening by the Chief Statistician of  OECD and Director of the Statistics Directorate 


International trade and globalisation indicators


a)  Economic globalisation indicators - OECD/STI


b)  International trade indicators: a Web-based tool for researchers - OECD/STD Room Document 13 (pdf) - PowerPoint presentation

  • Progress report
  • Presentation of the Web-based  beta version
  • Links to other data sources

c) New analytical products  of the International Trade Centre (ITC) and co-operation with OECD, UNSD and WTO - ITC, PowerPoint presentation
d) Intra-industry trade and the scale effects of economic integration - Finland, PowerPoint presentation


SNA/BPM5 revision: unresolved  balance of payments issues concerning trade in goods and services statistics


a)  Goods for processing, STD/NAES/TASS/ITS(2005)18 - STD/NAES/TASS/ITS(2005)19 - Room document 7 (pdf) - PowerPoint presentaion

  • Position paper by the Merchandise Trade Task Force - WTO
  • Issue paper by the IMF - UNSD - SNA Editor
  • Outcome of SNA AEG

b) Merchanting
IMF issue paper and progress report from  IMF merchanting working group -  for discussion, STD/NAES/TASS/ITS(2005)20 (pdf) - PowerPoint presentation

Cocktail, 6.00 p.m.

Wednesday, 14th September 2005: joint session  ITS-TIS -  continued (9.30 a.m.)


a) Foreign Affiliates Trade in Services Statistics, Room document 2 (pdf)


b) OECD balance of payments data
OECD quality review report on OECD balance of payments data for information, Room Document (pdf) - PowerPoint presentation