International trade and balance of payments statistics

4th International Trade Statistics Expert Meeting - Paris, 7-9 April 2003


Including Joint Session with the OECD-Eurostat Experts in Trade-in-Services Statistics


OECD Headquarters, Château de la Muette, Paris - 7th April - 9th April morning 2003
Beginning at 10 a.m. on the first day

General information [only available on Internet]

Draft agenda (07/03/2003) - STD/NAES/TASS/ITS/A(2003)1

Monday 7 April

1. Welcome

2. Adoption of the agenda

3. Minutes of the previous meeting - STD/NAES/TASS/ITS/M(2003)2

4. Recent developments

i) At OECD

a) Report by OECD on the statistical work programme, priorities and new structure of the Statistics Directorate - STD/NAES/TASS/ITS(2003)2
OECD Statistical Programme of Work 2003 [only available on Internet] - room document 3
b) Status of OECD's trade databases - STD/NAES/TASS/ITS(2003)3
c) Trade data on Internet and Metadata - presentation by STD
d) Web Data Server OLAP Pilot - presentation by ITN

ii) In OECD countries
Delegates will be invited to summarize significant developments in their country regarding trade statistics

5. Inter-agency Co-operation and coordination

a) Oral report by theUNSD on the 34th UN Statistical Commission meeting - New York
b) UNSD - OECD update on progress made in data sharing and the completion of country coverage
c) The Inter-Agency Common Data Set for trade aggregates - Update from WTO
Delegates from member countries are invited to express their views

6. Data quality issues

a) OECDs Data quality framework and Metadata management for trade statistics - STD/NAES/TASS/ITS(2003)4
b) US Trade data quality profile - presentation by United States - STD/NAES/TASS/ITS(2003)1
c) The assessment of data quality - report by Belgium - STD/NAES/TASS/ITS(2003)6
d) Treatment of Confidentiality in COMTRADE - report by UNSD - STD/NAES/TASS/ITS(2003)5
e)Confidentiality in EU Trade Statistics Synthesis of the main results from the quantitative analysis - presentationby Eurostat - STD/NAES/TASS/ITS(2003)9
f) Trade data estimates procedures - report by UNSD - STD/NAES/TASS/ITS(2003)7
g) Methodological issues relating to partner countries - presentation by Poland - Slides [only available on Internet]

Tuesday 8 April

7. Data classification and methodological issues

a) Towards a consistent geo-nomenclature for trade - presentation by OECD - STD/NAES/TASS/ITS(2003)8
b) Update by WCO on the revision of HS
c) Trade data on BoP - basis - presentation by Belgium - Room document 1 [only available on Internet]
c) Presentation of a study for the reconciliation of Trade and BOP Statistics - presentation by Eurostat - STD/NAES/TASS/ITS(2003)14

8. IT - Issues and analytical Data application

a) Report on the results of OECDs Trade IT survey - STD/NAES/TASS/ITS(2003)11
b) The CHELEM database of CEPII - presentation by France

9. Other business - Future Programme of Work

10. Date of next meeting

Tuesday afternoon Joint Session of the OECD International Trade Statistics Experts with the OECD-Eurostat Experts in Trade-in-Services Statistics

11. OECD work on globalisation

i) Indicators of Economic Globalisation - presentation by OECD/DSTI - DSTI/IND(2003)4 [only available on RMS]
ii) Aspects of Trade Globalization - presentation by OECD/DSTI - DSTI/EAS/IND/SWP(2002)5/Rev1 [only available on RMS]
Delegates are invited to express their views

12. OECD's Trade Indicators Project (TIP)

i) Overview - Presentation by OECD/STD - STD/NAES/TASS/ITS(2003)12
ii) A possible Taxonomy of Statistical Indicators for the Analysis of International Trade and Production - presentation by Italy - STD/NAES/TASS/ITS(2003)13
Delegates are invited to express their views

Wednesday 9 April - Joint Session (continued) starting at 10h00

13. Other cross-cutting issues

i) trade in software - OECD Report of the Software Task Force - STD/DOC(2003)1
Delegates are invited to discuss chapter two of the report and agree its recommendations.
ii) maritime transport - IMF/Banque de Francepaper on worldwide imbalances on maritime transport - STD/NAES/TASS/SERV(2003)2
Delegates are invited to consider the possible launch of a project on this issue and whether their office is willing to participate.


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