International trade and balance of payments statistics

3rd OECD Expert Meeting on Trade Statistics (ITS 2001)


3rd OECD Expert Meeting on Trade Statistics (ITS 2001)

Draft Agenda

5-7 December 2001
Beginning at 10:00 a.m. on the first day (Room 4)

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Wednesday, 5th December

1. Welcome/opening

2. Adoption of the draft agenda

Draft Agenda (updated 3 december 2001)

3. Adoption of the minutes of the previous meeting (ITS 2000, 20-22 November 2000)

Adoption of the minutes of the previous meeting (ITS 2000, 20-22 November 2000)

4. Recent developments

OECD 's new statistical strategy [Presentation by the Chief Statistician of OECD]
b) OECD trade in goods and trade in services statistics [Secretariat oral report]
c) New statistical products [OECD]
d) OECD (trade) data on the Web [Secretariat oral report + visual presentation]
- Co-operation issues in trade statistics
e) International Trade Task Force Meeting 27-29 March 2001, Beirut [WTO]
f) UNSD-OECD update on data sharing [UNSD/OECD oral report]
g) Update on UNSD Compiler's manual [UNSD oral report]
h) Update on OECD' s monthly and yearly data [OECD]
i) Inter-Agency statement of trade data needs [WTO/UNSD/OECD]

Roundtable discussion on trade data transmission

5. Recent developments in OECD countries

a) Recent Australian Customs Developments and their impact on Australia's International Trade Statistics [Australia]
b) Harmonization of Foreign Trade in the Slovak Republic [Slovak Republic]
c) Roundtable discussion: confidentiality treatment, thresholds, data availability and access

6. E-Commerce and Software issues

a) Cross-border electronic commerce and international trade statistics [United Kingdom]
b) E-commerce and software issues in Germany [Germany]
c) Report on the new Task Force on software measurement in national accounts [OECD]
d) Roundtable discussion on E-commerce/Software

Cocktail reception at 6 p.m. (Château de La Muette)

Thursday, 6th December

7. Data reconciliation

a) U.S.-Canada Data Exchange 1990-2001, Looking Back and Looking Ahead [United States / Canada]
b) Reconciliation of Intra-EU trade statistics [Eurostat]

8. Measurement and adjustment issues

a) Seasonal adjustment of external trade series [Eurostat]
b) OECD Task Force on Short-term statistics [Secretariat oral report]

9. Classifications

a) Reclassification of OECD s Foreign Trade data by NACE categories [Germany]
b) Update on ISIC/CPC revision work [Secretariat oral report]
c) OECD work on converting from HS to ISIC Rev. 3 [Secretariat]

10. Data Quality and analysis

a) Quality criteria in foreign trade statistics [Germany]
b) OECDs Quality Questionnaire on data capture [OECD]


Friday, 7th December

10. (continued)

c) Quality issues of trade data: the perspective of public and private sector trade strategies [ITC - visual presentation]
d) ALIX: Statistical tools for exporting enterprises [CFCE - visual presentation]
e) GTI: The global trade atlas [USA - visual presentation]
f) Data analysis using TAS-express [NDL - visual presentation]
g) Tariffs and trade: the OECD query and reporting system [OECD Trade Directorate - visual presentation]

11. Looking ahead

a)Trade indicators project 2002 [OECD]
b) Roundtable discussion: statistical trade issues needing closer attention and OECD's role.

12. Other business

13. Date of next meeting

14. Closing


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