International trade and balance of payments statistics

2nd OECD Trade Statistics Meeting, Paris, 21-22 November 2000


Monday, 20th November

1. Welcome/opening

2. Adoption of the draft agendaSTD/NA/ITS/A(2000)01

3. Adoption of the minutes of the first Trade Statistics meeting of 8-9 June 1999STD/NA/ITS(2000)01   (French)

4. Recent developments

a) Meeting of the International Trade Task Force in Vienna (21-23 March 2000) - report by the WTO - STD/NA/ITS(2000)02  (French)
b) Implementation of UNSD - OECD data sharing agreement - report by UNSD and OECD - STD/NA/ITS(2000)03
c) Update on OECD's monthly and yearly data, OECD - STD/NA/ITS(2000)04  (French)
d) OECDs new Tariff and Trade database, OECD - STD/NA/ITS(2000)05 
e) The Agicultural Market Access Database (AMAD), OECD - STD/NA/ITS(2000)23
f) Online access to OECD International Trade Statistics - an update - STD/NA/ITS(2000)06 (OECD)

Roundtable discussion:  recent developments in OECD Member countries and international agencies

5. Classification/methodological issues

a) Adding ISIC Revision 3 to OECD’s ITS (OECD) - STD/NA/ITS(2000)07  (French)
b) Work of the classification task force (UNSD)
c) External trade statistics in the light of the new UN concepts and definitions (Poland)
d) HS2002 amendments (WCO) - STD/NA/ITS(2000)10
e) Manual on Statistics of International Trade in Services (MSITS) - OECD  

Tuesday, 21st November

6. Trade analysis
a) Mirror statistics

b) Modelling trade

c) Unit values 

Wednesday, 22th November

d) Other uses of International trade Statistics 

  •  ITC tools for trade flow analysis and marketing research (ITC , Geneva) - STD/NA/ITS(2000)21
  • The demographic structure of Italian exporting enterprises and the contribution of industrial districts to "made in Italy" international trade (Italy) - STD/NA/ITS(2000)22
  • Inclusion of alcohol and tobacco smuggling in the UK National Accounts (United Kingdom) - STD/NA/ITS(2000)24  (French)
  • From physical to digital delivery:  definition, scope and tariff revenues of electronic goods trading (UNCTAD) - STD/NA/ITS(2000)25

6. Other business
Exchange of views are:

  • Globalisation
  • Thresholds
  • Trade statistics by mode of transport
  • Trade information systems

7. Date of next meeting

8. Closing


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