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Patents, Innovation and Economic Performance: Conference Proceedings


This publication presents the proceedings of the OECD Conference on Intel­lectual Property Rights (IPR), Innovation and Economic Performance , held in Paris on 28-29 August 2003 and organised by the OECD Directorate for Science, Technology and Industry (DSTI) .

Patent regimes have undergone major changes in recent years, most of them strengthening the rights of patent holders and extending the scope of patentable inventions. Genetic inventions, software and business methods are now patentable, although not to the same extent across jurisdictions. Patents play an increasingly important role in business strategies and the commercialisation of technology, which is reflected in the rapid growth of filings from both businesses and public research organisations. The effects of these changes on innovation, economic performance and technology diffusion are not entirely certain, especially as they relate to different industry sectors. The objective of the conference was to provide policy makers with factual evidence and analysis to shed light on these issues and set out implications for the development of patent regimes that contribute more efficiently to innovation and economic performance.

The conference brought together leading economists, legal experts, patent officials, policy makers, and business executives from across the OECD. These proceedings contain a summary of the main outcomes of the conference, as well as a number of written contributions prepared by participants. The table of contents  and executive summary  are available for free consultation in pdf format. For further information, and to browse and order this title on line, please visit the OECD Online Bookshop.