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  • 27-May-2004


    Human Resources in Science and Technology in India and the International Mobility of Highly Skilled Indians (STI Working Paper 2004/7)

    This paper provides estimates of the stocks and flows of human resources HRST in India, and their breakdown by education and occupation. It provides estimates of the number of highly skilled people moving to India and out of India in the 1990s, mainly to the US.

  • 22-April-2004


    Migration of Highly Skilled Indians: Case Studies of I.T. and Health Professionals (STI Working Paper 2004/6)

    This paper describes the results of two specific primary surveys, one of IT professionals in the city of Bangalore and their role in making the city a corridor for international mobility of Indian professionals, and the second a survey of health professionals in New Delhi....

  • 21-April-2004


    Multinationals and U.S. Productivity Leadership: Evidence from Great Britain (STI Working Paper 2004/5)

    This paper is a study of the productivity of plants owned by US firms located in the UK.

  • 22-March-2004


    An Emerging Knowledge-Based Economy in China? Indicators from OECD Databases (STI Working Paper 2004/4)

    This paper shows that China is catching up rapidly with other dynamic Asian economies and the Triad economies on a score of indicators relating to the knowledge-based economy. Report produced with the support of the OECD Centre for Co-operation with Non-Members (CCNM).

  • 18-March-2004


    Business Dynamics, Regulation and Performance (STI Working Paper 2004/3)

    Building on an earlier study of patterns on firm entry, exit growth and survival (DSTI Working Paper 2004/1), this paper takes a closer look at the role of policies and institutions for firm entry and survival and at the link between new firm creation and economic performance.

  • 17-March-2004


    The Economic Impact of ICT: Measurement, Evidence and Implications

    How precisely does ICT affect economic growth and the efficiency of firms? How well can these impacts be measured? And under which conditions do the impacts of ICT emerge?

  • 17-March-2004


    Triadic Patent Families Methodology (STI Working Paper 2004/2)

    This paper illustrates the process of defining patent families and outlines the methodology used to build triadic patent families.

  • 11-March-2004


    Business Dynamics in Europe (STI Working Paper 2004/1)

    This study presents evidence on firm entry and exit, growth and survival derived with new data from Eurostat, covering nine European Union member countries.

  • 9-January-2004


    Science and Technology Statistical Compendium 2004

    The S&T Statistical Compendium 2004 looks at the state of science and technology in the OECD across four broad dimensions: innovation and R&D; human resources in science and technology (HRST); patents; and other areas (ICT, globalisation, industrial structure).

  • 3-November-2003


    Carbon Dioxide Emissions Embodied in International Trade of Goods (STI Working Paper 2003/15)

    This paper explores trade in goods by creating an indicator that estimates CO2 emissions related to domestic demand for 24 countries (responsible for 80% of global CO2 emissions) as a complement to the more common emission indicator used in the Kyoto Protocol

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