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  • 20-April-2009

    English, , 113kb

    Enhancing Innovation: OECD Workshop on Collaborative Mechanisms for Intellectual Property Management (Paris, 4-5 May 2009)

    This workshop will focus on collaborative mechanisms such as IP clearinghouses, patent pools, model/framework agreements, IP exchanges and auctions, and other forms of innovation partnerships. Several initiatives to be presented at the workshop have garnered international attention.

  • 8-April-2009


    Trademarks as an Indicator of Product and Marketing Innovations (OECD Science, Technology and Industry Working Paper 2009/6)

    This paper aims at presenting trademarks, their potential link with innovations and their main statistical properties, to see if they may serve as an innovation indicator.

  • 1-April-2009


    Who Licenses Out Patents and Why? Lessons from a Business Survey (OECD Science, Technology and Industry Working Paper 2009/5)

    Results and analysis of a business survey on the licensing-out of patents. The goal was to investigate the intensity of licensing to affiliated and non-affiliated companies, its evolution, the characteristics, motivations and obstacles met by companies licensing or willing to license.

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  • 2-March-2009


    Towards Harmonised Bilateral Trade Data for Inter-Country Input-Output Analyses: Statistical Issues (STI Working Paper 2009/4)

    This paper discusses the challenges faced when attempting to construct appropriate bilateral trade matrices using annual data collected by the OECD and United Nations, as well as national sources.

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  • 25-February-2009

    English, , 292kb

    Policy Issues Related to Scientific Research Collections

    This report presents the findings and recommendations from two workshops, held in the Netherlands and the United States in 2007 and 2008, regarding the maintenance, utilisation and international coordination of scientific research collections.

  • 12-February-2009


    OECD Patent Statistics Manual

    This manual provides guiding principles for the use of patent data in S&T measurement, and recommendations for the compilation and interpretation of patent indicators in this context. The manual is available in English, French and Spanish.

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  • 10-February-2009


    The Measurement of CO2 Embodiments in International Trade: Evidence from the Harmonised Input-Output and Bilateral Trade Database (STI Working Paper 2009/3)

    This study addresses the issue of carbon embodiments in trade using internationally comparable OECD data sources (input-output, bilateral goods trade and CO2 emissions) for 41 countries/regions by 17 industries.

  • 16-January-2009


    Measuring China's Innovation System: National Specificities and International Comparisons (STI Working Paper 2009/1)

    This paper discusses actors and resources in China's science and innovation system, science & technology performance and general purpose technologies. It provided input to the OECD Review of China's Innovation Policy. An annex assesses international comparability of China's S&T indicators.

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  • 24-December-2008

    English, , 1,189kb

    Roadmapping of Large Research Infrastructures

    This report is based on an examination of some 20 roadmaps. It focuses on the process through which they were prepared, and identifies key considerations and good practices that deserve the attention of anyone contemplating the undertaking of a new roadmapping exercise.

  • 17-December-2008


    Open Innovation in a Global Perspective: What Do Existing Data Tell Us? (STI Working Paper 2008/4)

    This paper presents different indicators using existing data on R&D investments, innovation survey data, patent data and data on licensing, illustrating the increasing importance and the different characteristics of open innovation across companies, industries and countries.

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