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  • 25-January-2011

    English, , 338kb

    Workforce Skills and Innovation: An Overview of Major Themes in the Literature (Joint STI/CERI Working Paper)

    This paper gives an account of the main approaches, debates and evidence in the literature on the role of workforce skills in the innovation process in developed economies. It also describes and quantifies the diversity of skills and occupations involved in specific types of innovation activities.

  • 26-March-2010


    Careers of Doctorate Holders: Employment and Mobility Patterns (OECD Science, Technology and Industry Working Paper 2010/4)

    This paper presents the results of the first large-scale data collection conducted in the framework of the OECD/UNESCO Institute for Statistics/Eurostat project on the Careers of Doctorate Holders (CDH).

  • 19-March-2010


    Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Financial Market Cycles (OECD Science, Technology and Industry Working Paper 2010/3)

    This paper reviews evidence of the relationship between innovation and entrepreneurship. It then turns to understanding the consequences of market cycles and the economic crisis and discusses implications for programmes to encourage financing for entrepreneurs and venture capital.

  • 15-February-2010


    Insight into Different Types of Patent Families (OECD Science, Technology and Industry Working Paper 2010/2)

    What are patent families? What is the impact of adopting one definition or another? Are some definitions of patent families better suited than others for certain uses in statistical and economic analysis?

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  • 3-February-2010


    Mapping Careers and Mobility of Doctorate Holders: Draft Guidelines, Model Questionnaire and Indicators, 2nd edition (OECD Science, Technology and Industry Working Paper 2010/1)

    This is the second edition of the technical guidelines used in the framework of the Careers of Doctorate Holders (CDH) project, building on the experience from the first large-scale data collection.

  • 4-January-2010


    The Emerging Patent Marketplace (OECD Science, Technology and Industry Working Paper 2009/9)

    Facilitating the mobilisation, sharing, or exchange of patents is important to promote innovation. Analysis of the functions, business models, and activities of IP specialist firms which organise the circulation of patented inventions is the central topic of this research.

  • 15-December-2009


    Pre-emptive Patenting: Securing Market Exclusion and Freedom of Operation (OECD Science, Technology and Industry Working Paper 2009/8)

    This paper investigates the characteristics, functioning and incidence of pre-emptive patenting, defined as patent filings whose main effect is to hamper the grant of other patents.

  • 26-June-2009


    Nanotechnology: An Overview Based on Indicators and Statistics (OECD Science, Technology and Industry Working Paper 2009/7)

    Given the current low level of nanotechnology monitoring, the objective of this paper is to provide a comprehensive overview of nanotechnology developments globally through a systematic and critical analysis of available and comparable indicators and statistics.

  • 10-June-2009


    Information Economy Product Definitions Based on the Central Product Classification (Version 2) (OECD Digital Economy Paper 158)

    This document presents the OECD Definitions of Information Economy Products: the ICT products definition and Content and media products definition.

  • 2-June-2009


    Policy Responses to the Economic Crisis: Investing in Innovation for Long-Term Growth (OECD Digital Economy Paper 159)

    This report warns that innovation risks being hit hard by the economic crisis as the capital to finance it grows scarce.

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