• 18-November-2004


    Biotechnology Statistics Progress Report 2004

    Statistical work on biotechnology is carried out under the aegis of the OECD Working Party of National Experts on Science and Technology Indicators (NESTI). The above document gives the outcome of the 2004 experts' meeting.

  • 17-March-2004


    The Economic Impact of ICT: Measurement, Evidence and Implications

    How precisely does ICT affect economic growth and the efficiency of firms? How well can these impacts be measured? And under which conditions do the impacts of ICT emerge?

  • 9-January-2004


    Science and Technology Statistical Compendium 2004

    The S&T Statistical Compendium 2004 looks at the state of science and technology in the OECD across four broad dimensions: innovation and R&D; human resources in science and technology (HRST); patents; and other areas (ICT, globalisation, industrial structure).

  • 8-January-2004

    English, , 260kb

    Guidance for the Operation of Biological Research Centres (BRCs): Certification and Quality Criteria for BRCs

    This document provides a framework for the national certification (independent review by third party) of biological resource centres as defined by the OECD. Compliance with this guidance is mandatory for those bodies that are part of a Global Biological Resource Centre Network.

  • 8-January-2004

    English, , 327kb

    Biotechnology for Sustainable Growth and Development

    The OECD should strengthen its contribution to work on biotechnology as a driver for sustainable growth, focusing on the issues identified and conclusions reached in this paper.

  • 8-January-2004

    English, , 365kb

    Guidance for the Operation of Biological Resource Centres (BRCs): Part 1 - General Requirements for All BRCs

    This guidance provides the basis for best practice in the management of biological resource centres and all laboratories maintaining replicable biological materials.

  • 29-September-2003


    Governance of Public Research: Toward Better Practices

    This report addresses issues related to governance of public research, describes the challenges and provides evidence of the reforms that have been developed. Good practices are highlighted and policy lessons are drawn.

  • 27-May-2003


    Turning Science into Business: Patenting and Licensing at Public Research Organisations

    This publication contains survey data on academic patenting and licensing and several case studies on the policies and practices for managing intellectual property.

  • 25-April-2003


    Biotechnology and Sustainability: The Fight Against Infectious Disease

    This booklet describes how biotechnology and genomics science can be used to fight neglected infectious diseases as well as reviewing the challenges facing Governments to overcome market failure in supply of products. It draws on discussions a...

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  • 23-December-2002

    English, , 669kb

    Genetic Inventions, Intellectual Property Rights and Licensing Practices: Evidence and Policies

    This report presents the findings of an OECD Workshop held in Berlin to establish the impact of patents and licensing on development and access to genetic technology. Few topics in the life sciences today provoke as much debate as the availability of patent protection on "genetic inventions".

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