Best Practices / Guidelines

  • 5-January-2012

    English, , 1,306kb

    Effective Modelling of Urban Systems to Address the Challenges of Climate Change and Sustainability

    This Global Science Forum report and its annexed survey analysis identify the existing tools and strategies for urban modelling and their current limitations, and propose a series of policy recommendations aimed at improving the effectiveness and use of urban models.

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  • 5-August-2011


    OECD Guide to Measuring the Information Society 2011

    This guide provides the statistical definitions, classifications and methods to measure and compare the information society across countries. It provides a standard reference for statisticians, analysts and policy-makers in the field.

  • 15-June-2011


    Public Consultation - Draft OECD Recommendation on Assessing the Sustainability of Bio-based Products

    The Recommendation seeks to assist both OECD member and non-member countries in the development of appropriate sustainability assessment methodologies for bio-based products.

  • 7-December-2009

    English, , 287kb

    Guidelines for a Harmonised Statistical Approach to Biotechnology Research and Development in the Government and Higher Education Sectors

    The aim of these guidelines is to propose a harmonised approach for the collection and analysis of biotechnology research and development (R&D) statistics in the government and higher education sectors.

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  • 12-November-2009


    Guidelines for Human Biobanks and Genetic Research Databases (HBGRDs)

    The ability to effectively use these vast amounts of knowledge will depend in part on the bringing together of different strands of information, data and biological materials within human biobanks and genetic research databases (HBGRDs).

  • 25-June-2007


  • 14-June-2007


    OECD Best Practice Guidelines for Biological Resource Centres

    This report presents the outcome of discussions held by the OECD member countries, together with a number of key partner countries, under the auspices of an expert Task Force established by the OECD Working Party on Biotechnology.

  • 30-April-2007

    English, Excel, 1,308kb

    OECD Principles and Guidelines for Access to Research Data from Public Funding

    These recommendations are intended to promote data access and sharing among researchers, research institutions, and national research agencies, while at the same time recognising and taking into account the various national laws, research policies and organisational structures of member countries.

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  • 27-February-2006


  • 8-January-2004

    English, , 365kb

    Guidance for the Operation of Biological Resource Centres (BRCs): Part 1 - General Requirements for All BRCs

    This guidance provides the basis for best practice in the management of biological resource centres and all laboratories maintaining replicable biological materials.

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