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Patent indicators are used to map aspects of the innovative performance and technological progress of countries, regions or certain specific domains and technology fields. The use of patent statistics for monitoring developments in the field of science and technology has been expanding rapidly over the recent past. Not only have the use of patent indicators increased, but also the diversity and relevance of these indicators have progressed. The OECD has developed new and more sophisticated indicators, notably on patent families, citations, etc.



Conference on Patent Statistics for Decision Makers

12-13 November 2013, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Organised by the OECD, EPO, INPI and WIPO , in cooperation with Eurostat, JPOKIPONSF and USPTO.

The goal of the 2013 conference is to present the latest empirical evidence based on patent and IP statistics and to discuss these findings with decision-makers from both the private and public sectors.

Past conferences and events on patent statistics


Patent databases

  • Raw data: various sets of data are available to researchers upon request, notably the OECD Triadic Patent Families, REGPAT, HAN, and Citations databases (July 2013 updates). ► Click here to access the data
  • Trademark statistics: the OECD has undertaken some analyses on trademark data in order to extract relevant information and to develop new trademark-based indicators of innovation. ► More information on OECD work on trademarks


Methodological work

The underlying methodological information helps to design and interpret patent statistics in an accurate manner. The following issues (relating to patent statistics as S&T indicators) are being investigated:

Patents as indicators of science and technology output

Measuring Patent Quality: Indicators of Technological and Economic Value

• Patent families: scope and definitions; triadic patent families

• Nowcasting patent data

• Patents in selected fields: ICT and biotechnology; nanotechnologyenvironment

• Indicators of international cooperation in research activity

• Patents by regions

• Analysing European and international patent citations: A set of EPO patent database building blocks

• Trademarks statistics


OECD Patent Statistics Manual

The OECD Patent Statistics Manual (2009) capitalises on new experience on patent statistics and promote the harmonisation of methodologies. It addresses issues regarding the complexity of patent data and provide statisticians and analysts with guidelines for building and analysing patent-related indicators. The manual is available in English, French and Spanish.


Patent Statistics Task Force

The project activities are conducted in close co-operation with the members of the Patent Statistics Task Force, which gathers representatives from Eurostat, the European Patent Office (EPO), the Japan Patent Office (JPO), the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO), the US National Science Foundation (NSF), the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).


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