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Bioremediation: The Tokyo 1994 Workshop


Bioremediation: The Tokyo '94 Workshop

Waste and pollution have become global concerns. Bioremediation and bioprevention - the use of micro-organisms to treat or avoid pollution - are increasingly recognised as treatments of choice in an impressive range of areas. These techniques are employed more and more often in both traditional and novel applications to treat air, water and soil, to monitor and prevent pollution, to manage life cycles and renew materials, and to carry energy. They are flexible, avoid some of the problems associated with other techniques, can be cheaper than traditional methods, and respond to a widespread preference for biological over chemical or physical waste removal methods.

At the Tokyo Workshop in November 1994, 130 international experts from 16 countries met to review the latest scientific and technical advances in the field. Their contributions, which are the basis for this publication, are essential reading for anyone interested in biotechnology applications and the continuing battle for a cleaner environment.

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