Russian Federation

National policy dialogue (NPD) in the Russian Federation



Year of NPD launch:  2010

Present NPD Chair(s) and strategic partners in the government: Ministry of Regional Development, Ministry of Economic Development, Russian Development Bank

Source of NPD funding: European Union, Evrasijskij (a large Russian private operator), Government of Germany, Russian Development Bank (Vnesheconombank), EBRD, the World Bank

Priority areas of work and main activities

Resuming the EUWI national policy dialogue (NPD) process is currently under discussion in Russia. Previous work under the EUWI EECCA in this country includes: 

  • A review of the legal, institutional and regulatory framework for private sector participation (PSP) in WSS.
  • A review of the economic instruments for water resources management.
  • As a follow up, the Minister of Natural Resources of the Republic of Buryatia requested a review of economic instruments for water management, with a view to better integrate environmental performance and economic development in this Republic.

Key achievements of the NPD to date

  • Due to the vast size and institutional complexity of the Russian Federation, a new approach was used when designing the proposed new NPD process. A pilot region of Buryatia has been chosen to test how the NPD process can support the reform of water policies at sub-sovereign level.


  • The NPD in 2010 was instrumental in reaching a shared understanding among Russian authorities on the framework conditions needed to attract private operators and investors in the water sector. It was influential in changing the legal framework, in particular the Federal Law on concession agreements; the new Federal Law on water supply and sanitation; and a shift to performance-based contracts in the water sector.

This radar chart synthetises the level of achievements along five axes within the NPD process in Kazakhstan (0-no activity; 2-fully achieved): 

- Transboundary water management
- National strategies on water, nexus
- The development of RBMPs
- The economis and financial dimensions of WRM
- WSS and Water and Health

Plans for the future

In 2014, the policy dialogue on economic instruments for water resources management in the Republic of Buryatia (Lake Baikal basin) continues, exploring options to combine resource protection and economic development. This is expected to feed into a National Policy Dialogue on water management at a later stage.


“The dialogue in 2010 helped identify avenues for developing water supply and sanitation in Russia; key results of the dialogue are reflected in the new Federal Law on water supply and sanitation adopted in 2011, as well as in related sub-law regulations.”

Alexei Makrushin
 Executive Director, National Union of Water Utilities, Russia
Former Deputy Director of the Department of Tariff Regulation,
Infrastructure Reform and Energy Efficiency,
Ministry of Economic Development and Trade