The OECD Rural Conference Series began in 2002 in Siena, Italy. Since then they have been held in places all over the world from Europe to the US, to the Russian Federation.

These events provide a forum for key policy officials to engage in dialogue whilst strengthening existing networks and fostering knowledge-sharing on rural policy across the OECD. This regular dialogue, comprising stakeholders of all levels, have helped shape OECD work on rural development leading to the definition and measurement of the performance of rural regions, the evaluation of rural policies amongst OECD member countries and the undertaking of a number of thematic studies on rural development.

The 10th conference, under the theme National Prosperity through Modern Rural PolicyCompetitiveness and well-being in rural regions took place on 19–21 May, 2015 in Memphis, Tennessee (United States). The Chair's statement issued at the close of the conference highlighted the importance of rural areas to the national economy and the need to implement rural-specific policies that are sensitive to the realities specific to rural communities.

Read the Chair's statement.