Previous Conferences


  • 2009, Québec, Canada: Developing Rural Policies to Meet the Needs of a Changing World
  • 2008, Cologne, Germany: Innovative Service Delivery: Meeting the Challenges of Rural Regions,
  • 2007, Cáceres, Spain: Innovative Rural Regions: The Role of Human Capital and Technology


  • 2006, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK: Investment Priorities for Rural Development,
  • 2005, Oaxaca, Mexico: Designing and Implementing Rural Development Policies
  • 2004, Warrenton, United States: New Approaches to Rural Policy: Lessons from Around the World
  • 2002, Siena, Italy: The Future of Rural Policy


Workshops and other rural development policy events 

  • 2010, Québec, Canada: Workshop on the Production of Renewable Energy as a Regional Development Policy for Rural Areas
  • 2009, London, United Kingdom: Innovative Service Delivery: Designing services for rural communities: the role of co-design and co-delivery.