Call for Papers


The OECD Rural Development Programme invited institutions and researchers to submit papers for the OECD Rural Development Policy Conference, “Innovation and Modernising the Rural Economy”, which was held on 3-5 October, 2012 in Krasnoyarsk, Russia, at the SIBERIA International Business Exhibition Centre. The invited papers were centered on two themes:


Innovation in the context of rural areas


Modernising the rural economy


Innovation in the context of rural areas:  Innovation is widely discussed but rarely contextualized to reflect the nuances of rural areas.  Papers on this theme analysed the role of innovation in rural areas (e.g. how rural innovation is different from urban innovation; factors that separate rural innovation—different strands of rural innovation; measuring rural innovation; and, how policy could better support rural innovation) and provided examples of rural innovation along the lines discussed.


Modernising the rural economy:  The need for more robust rural economies particularly in the aftermath of the financial crisis is well understood; but what are the components of the modern rural economy?  Papers on this theme identified these factors and the challenges to moving in this direction.

Proposals for each theme considered rural issues in the OECD member country environment at the international, national, or sub-national level. Proposals were peer reviewed and 3 were selected for inclusion in the Krasnoyarsk conference.