Liberalisation and competition intervention in regulated sectors

Competition issues under discussion


This page lists the main topics under discussion at recent and forthcoming OECD Competition Committee meetings. The proceedings of these discussions will be later published online at

December 2014 discussions

Changes in Institutional Design of Competition Authorities

Intellectual Property and Standard Settings

Competition and the use of tenders and auctions

Provisions in Co-operation Agreements on Competition

Competition and the use of markers in leniency programmes


June 2014 discussions

Airline Competition

Generic Pharmaceuticals

Financing of Broadband Networks

Competition issues in Public-Private Partnerships

Enhanced Enforcement Co-operation

Other forthcoming work

Behavioural Economics

Network Neutrality

Remedies in Cross-border Mergers 


More forthcoming work


Competition and Behavioural Economics (Discussion held in June 2012)

Papers available for download:

Behavioural Economics as applied to Firms: A Primer - Paper by Steffen Huck and Mark Armstrong

The Implications of Behavioral Antitrust - Paper by Maurice Stucke

Shrouded Attributes, Consumer Myopia, and Information Suppression in Competitive Markets [The Quarterly Journal of Economics (2006) 121(2): 505-540] - Note by Xavier Gabaix and David Laibson


Evaluating the Impact of Competition Law Enforcement (Discussion held in June 2012)

Available for download: Stocktaking on evaluation - Note by Peter Ormosi

See also: Evaluation of Competition Interventions


Network Neutrality (Discussion held in June 2011)

Papers available for download:

Some remarks on net neutrality and the evolution of the internet-economy - Paper by David Evans

Competition and consumer protection issues in the net neutrality debate, with special reference to Europe - Paper by Martin Cave



These papers represent work in progress and are not final versions. They represent the views of the author[s] and do not necessarily reflect those of the OECD or of the governments of its Member countries.


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