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Joint OECD-Korea Development Institute (KDI) work improving regulatory governance: The way forward

The KDI Centre for Regulatory Studies and the OECD have conducted Joint Research on Improving Regulatory Governance presented in Improving Regulatory Governance - Trends, Practices and the Way Forward that brings together the latest frontier thinking from OECD and KDI lead researchers and practitioners in the area of regulatory policy, focusing on regulatory oversight, stakeholder engagement, impact assessment and ex post evaluation. This is the result of a close collaboration where researches and practitioners met in a series of workshop in Paris and Sejong to discuss the themes and issues explored through the original research presented in the publication. The kick off workshop in Paris in November 2015 included also senior officials from Australia and the United Kingdom discussing RIA and regulatory governance. The discussion continued in Sejong in May 2016 focusing on stakeholder engagement and ex post evaluation and in Paris in October 2016 on regulatory oversight, leading to the discussion with delegates from OECD members and partners in the Regulatory Policy Committee on 26 April 2017.


Improving Regulatory Governance - Trends, Practices and the Way Forward was launched 6 September 2017. A KDI-OECD seminar was organised on that occasion.


2017 regulatory policy review

Korea review 2017

‌Regulatory Policy in Korea: Towards Better Regulation (23 May 2017)

The review focuses on the institutions and mechanisms supporting better regulation in Korea as well their application in certain priority sectors.


Regulatory policy and governance



Korea's Regulatory Policy Outlook 2015 country profile

Read Korea's country profile to learn about latest developments on regulatory policy in the country, including its score on the 2015 Indicators of Regulatory Policy and Governance.



The Korean government has launched an ambitious regulatory reform agenda as part of its Three Year Economic Innovation Plan (March 2014–February 2017) and has taken significant steps to increase the effectiveness of regulatory reform through the introduction of the “cost-in, cost-out” system, the Regulatory Guillotine , the Thorn under the Nail and the Sin-Moon-Go.


Reports translated into Korean / OECD 보고서 한국어 번역본 


More on regulatory policy activities in Korea 


Prior regulatory policy reviews





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