Regulatory reform

Regulatory Policy in Chile

Government Capacity to Ensure High-Quality Regulation

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Published on April 25, 2016

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One of Chile’s biggest strengths is its very sound macroeconomic framework that reinforces its economic resilience. This is partly based on a prudent regulatory and supervisory framework governing the financial system. Furthermore, the government’s Agenda for Productivity, Innovation and Growth, co-ordinated by the Ministry of Economy with the participation of other ministries and state services, constitutes a good opportunity to use regulatory policy as a driver to reform the policymaking framework of Chile. For example, Chile has already made substantive progress in making regulations more accessible and communicating administrative requirements. However, while in Chile national regulations provide the general framework for administrative procedures and an efficient state administration, the lack of a comprehensive regulatory reform programme has reduced the possibility of achieving even better economic outcomes and unleashing resources to boost productivity. The regulatory policymaking framework lacks some key features seen in other OECD countries (e.g. stakeholder engagement, regulatory impact assessment, oversight body) that would make sure that regulations are designed in the best way. Good practices in rule-making procedures are also rather limited. This review presents the way forward for improving the government’s capacity to ensure high-quality regulation in Chile.


Foreword and Acknowledgements
Acronyms and abbreviations
Executive Summary
Assessment and recommendations
The macroeconomic context in Chile
Considering Chile's path towards regulatory reform
Assessing Chile's regulatory institutions
Examining Chile's administrative capacities for making new regulations
Reviewing the management of Chile's existing regulations
Considering regulatory compliance, enforcement and appeals in Chile
Ex post regulatory evaluation in Chile
Multi-level regulatory governance in Chile
Chile's regulation of territorial planning and construction permits
Improving the regulatory environment for Chilean SMEs
Digital government and administrative simplification in Chile
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  • Create an agency to oversee the process of rule-making currently managed by different government departments with no overall supervision
  • Adopt a formal, explicit, binding and consistent whole-of-government regulatory policy with clear objectives and a communication strategy
  • Develop mandatory standards and guidelines for the preparation of laws and regulations, including compulsory consultation practices and forward planning
  • Introduce regulatory management tools such as regulatory impact assessment and ex-post evaluations
  • Consolidate and broaden the administrative simplification programme in co-ordination with digital government initiatives




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