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Regulatory Policy: Colombia


Protecting Consumers through Behavioural Insights: Regulating the Communications Market in Colombia (April 2016)

This publication combines results from research conducted in Colombia about how communications services consumers make consumption choices with OECD expertise in regulatory policy, behavioural economics, and data analytics, in order to help improve the consumer protection regime in Colombia.


Driving Performance at Colombia's Communications Regulator (April 2015)

This review provides a roadmap for strengthening performance assessment by Colombia's communications regulator and is expected to help advance the better regulation agenda of other Colombian regulators and economic regulators of OECD members.


OECD Review of Regulatory Reform: Colombia 2013


Regulatory Policy in Colombia: Going beyond Administrative Simplification


Regulatory Policy: Colombia - Going Beyond Administrative Simplification, launched 25 October 2013 recommends Colombia to develop a whole-of-government policy for regulatory quality and to rethink the institutional set-up to implement different regulatory tools in a coherent manner.  It also suggests the adoption of a systemic approach to challenge the reasons for and the logic behind formalities (trámites) and, most importantly, regulations. 

The event in Bogota also served as a platform to launch Colombia's accession process to the OECD.

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Seminar and Workshops (2015)


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