• 2-June-2003

    English, , 651kb

    Enhancing Market Openness through Regulatory Reform in Norway

    The reduction of barriers to trade and investment internationally has enabled Norway to take advantage of the expanding global market. At the same time a gradually more open market in Norway has provided benefits to consumers and contributed to e...

  • 20-May-2003

    English, , 102kb

    After the telecommunications bubble, EO73 ch.4

    OECD Economic Outlook No. 73, Chapter 4. Confidence is slowly returning to the telecommunications sector after the "boom and bust" years of the 1990s.

  • 16-May-2003

    English, , 656kb

    Regulatory Reform in the Telecommunications Industry in Italy

    The telecommunications industry has undergone significant regulatory reform over the last decade. By the beginning of 2001, 27 OECD Member countries have liberalised their telecommunications market, including voice telephony, infrastructure inves...

  • 16-May-2003

    English, , 715kb

    Regulatory Reform in Electricity, Gas and Railroads in Italy

    Italy is profoundly changing the role of the public sector in the ?productive sphere.? Until the 1990s, the State was directly involved in production. Public utilities were organised in a monopolistic way, and the State granted concessions and su...

  • 16-May-2003

    English, , 657kb

    Enhancing Market Openness through Regulatory Reform in Italy

    As trade barriers to trade have fallen, the impact of domestic regulations on international trade and investment has become more apparent than ever. While regulations aim at reaching arguable objectives such as health, safety or the environment, ...

  • 16-May-2003

    English, , 734kb

    Government Capacity to Assure High Quality Regulation in Italy

    The stereotypic reputation of the Italian state as a burdensome and inefficient bureaucracy was, for much of the post-war period, not entirely undeserved. The growth of the Italian state and its steadily increasing intervention into economic acti...

  • 15-May-2003

    English, , 617kb

    Enhancing Market Openness through Regulatory Reform in Ireland

    Ireland?s stellar growth performance in recent years reflects an array of policy reforms and in particular Ireland?s commitments in the context of ongoing integration within the European Union, through the Single European Market Programme and the...

  • 15-May-2003

    English, , 685kb

    Government Capacity to Assure High Quality Regulation in Ireland

    Can the national administration ensure that social and economic regulations are based on core principles of good regulation? Regulatory reform requires clear policies and the administrative machinery to carry them out, backed up by concrete polit...

  • 15-May-2003

    English, , 653kb

    Regulatory Reform in Electricity, Gas, Pharmacies, and Legal Services in Ireland

    The Irish electricity and gas sectors are dominated by two vertically integrated state-owned entities, the Electricity Supply Board (ESB) and Bord Gáis, respectively. Electricity and gas demand are growing rapidly, reflecting GDP growth.

  • 15-May-2003

    English, , 670kb

    Regulatory Reform in the Telecommunications Industry in Ireland

    The telecommunications sector in OECD countries has seen significant regulatory reform in recent years. Twenty-four OECD countries had, in 2000, unrestricted market access to all forms of telecommunications, including voice telephony, infrastruct...

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