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The OECD Network of Economic Regulators




Will the train run on time? Is there clean water in the tap? Will my light switch work? Can I connect to the internet?


Regulatory agencies are at the forefront of making sure citizens and industry have fundamental essential services to create enjoyable, prosperous and safe places to live, work and do business.


The OECD Network of Economic Regulators (NER) is an open and unique forum that promotes dialogue across regulators operating in different sectors and countries from across the world. It brings together regulators with responsibilities for communications, energy, transport and water, in addition to other economic, competition, consumer, environment and safety issues. Members  share their experiences, discuss challenges, identify innovative solutions, and balance the competing priorities that frame the features of a “world class regulator”. 


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Economic regulators play a key role in the overall governance of a sector, service or industry. They strengthen the contribution of regulatory policies to sustainable growth and development and rebuild trust in the role of public policy in achieving positive outcomes for citizens and businesses. In a context of increased complexity, technological disruption and constrained public resources, economic regulators are today faced with new challenges and demands, by providing better regulatory responses to manage uncertainty and guaranteeing essential services to the public.


The NER provides an opportunity for heads of regulatory agencies and high level officials to discuss how to address these challenges. In support of the work of the NER (see NER participants) and under the guidance of delegates, the Secretariat develops guidance in areas of relevance for regulators, produces analytical work and undertakes reviews of individual regulators focusing on their performance and governance arrangements.


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The NER has undertaken work to explore the use of behavioural insights in regulating the market by understanding and responding to consumer’s actual behaviours. More on behavioural insights...



The NER Bureau provides guidance and strategic orientation to the OECD Secretariat on issues of management and the planning of the programme of work of the Network. The Chair and members of the Bureau are designated among NER delegates.



For further information, or to attend a meeting or find out about becoming a member of the NER, please contact  Faisal Naru


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