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  • 25-October-2013


    Launch of the Regulatory Reform and Public Governance Reviews of Colombia

    On 25 October, the OECD Secretary-General will present the Regulatory Reform and Public Governance reviews of Colombia during an event hosted by the Government of Colombia.

  • 25-October-2013


    Improving innovation policy and ensuring good governance would help raise living standards in Colombia, OECD says

    Good public policies are central to well-functioning economies. Better policies on innovation, combined with high-quality regulations and a more efficient public administration, can help Colombia create jobs, boost economic growth and support development, according to three new OECD reports.

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  • 17-October-2013


    Better Regulation in Europe: Austria

    The EU Better Regulation project is a partnership between the OECD and the European Commission. It draws on the initiatives for Better Regulation promoted by both organisations over the last few years.

  • 26-September-2013


    Regulatory improvement in the Municipality of San Luis Potosí, Mexico

    The OECD and the Municipality of San Luis Potosí in Mexico launched a programme to improve municipal formalities according to the OECD Guide.

  • 24-September-2013


    Workshop on competition assessment in Regulatory Impact Analysis (RIA)

    The OECD, in co-ordination with Mexico's Ministry of Economy and COFEMER, organised a workshop to train federal officials to understake competition assessment as part of the RIA framework.

  • 23-September-2013


    Measuring regulatory performance at sub-national level: Benefits and challenges

    This workshop served to discuss how benchmarking and measuring regulatory performance can help advance a regulatory policy at the sub-national level.

  • 25-June-2013


    Regulatory Policy: United Kingdom

    The 2002 review of the United Kingdom shows that the country is confronted to challenges that are characteristic a regulatory regime that has reach maturity and is at the cutting edge. The 2010 report on Better Regulation analyses key questions for the good management of regulatory policy and reform. You will also find updated information on regulatory policy and governance in the United Kingdom.

  • 26-April-2013


    A recipe for trust

    Have the policy errors that contributed to the global economic crisis been rectified? Sharan Burrow shares her vision for building trust and restoring confidence in the countries still suffering from the crisis.

  • 17-April-2013


    The International Regulatory Co-operation Toolkit

    This toolkit comprises a typology of various co-operation mechanisms and a classification of associated benefits and costs.

  • 11-April-2013


    The determinants of informality in Mexico’s states

    Informality has important implications for productivity, economic growth, and the inequality of income. In recent years, the extent of informal employment has increased in many of Mexico's states, though highly heterogeneously.

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