• 5-December-2013


    The role of parliaments in promoting better regulation

    The OECD and the Scrutiny Committee on Law Implementation of the French Senate co-organised a conference on 5 December 2013 on “Law evaluation and better regulation: the role for parliaments” at the Luxembourg Palace in Paris.

  • 8-December-2010


    Regulatory Reform in OECD Countries: Reports by Country

    The unique OECD peer review process has helped improve public policy. It assesses how countries manage the design, adoption and enforcement of regulations according to a conceptual framework. It ensures comparability while taking account of institutional and cultural differences across countries.

  • 28-October-2010


    OECD Regulatory Policy Conference, 2010

    In light of the recent financial crisis and the pressing social, environmental and economic challenges facing governments today, this conference offered a timely opportunity to redefine the agenda for regulatory policy with a forward-looking perspective.

  • 21-December-2009


    Tools for Regulatory Quality and Financial Sector Regulation: A Cross-country Perspective

    This Working Paper provides a comparative perspective on the application of quality regulation principles to financial sector regulators, in the US, Canada, Australia, the UK and France.

  • 31-August-2009


    The Challenge of Restoring French Competitiveness

    This working paper suggests that restoring competitiveness will require strengthening France's growth potential and to address the main long term determinants of that potential, such as fostering R&D, promoting innovation, reducing the tax burden, boosting competition and so on.

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  • 19-December-2008


    Better Regulation in Europe: France

    The EU Better Regulation project is a partnership between the OECD and the European Commission. It draws on the initiatives for Better Regulation promoted by both organisations over the last few years.

  • 10-January-2006


    Product Market Competition and Economic Performance in France (Economics Department Working Paper 473)

    This working paper suggests that French growth can be improved by removing restrictions on competition, chiefly in service sectors.

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  • 26-November-2004


  • 5-November-2004


    OECD Review of Regulatory Reform: France

    This page provides access to the review of regulatory policy carried out in France in 2004 as well as to updates on regulatory policy and governance in France.

  • 6-July-2004

    English, , 347kb

    Enhancing Market Openness Through Regulatory Reform in France

    This report on Enhancing Market Openness Through Regulatory Reform analyses the institutional set-up and use of policy instruments in France It also includes the country-specific policy recommendations developed by the OECD during the review process.

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