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Our team actively engages with a wide range of stakeholders in policy dialogue activities on multi-level governance and subnational finance. We also participate in conferences and workshops organised by partners.


3 December, 2019           Kiev, Ukraine

Workshop on Supporting Decentralisation in Ukraine: Ten Guidelines for Effective Decentralisation


5 December, 2019            Poltava, Ukraine

Workshop on Enhancing Local Invesment Strategies in Poltava: OECD Principles for Action for Effective Public Investment across Levels of Government


Past events



Cardiff, United Kingdom

Seminar on Enhancing Institutional Capacity for Regional Governance and Investment in Wales (UK)


Paris, France

Regional Development Policy Committee (RDPC) Meeting


Paris, France

Session on “Financing Sustainable Cities” at the 6th OECD Forum on Green Finance and Investment

Paris, France

OECD-European Commission High-level Seminar
Financing Environmental and Energy Transitions in Regions and Cities: Creating Local Solutions for Global Challenges

Sofia, Bulgaria

International workshop 
Decentralisation and Regionalisation in Bulgaria: Lessons from International Experience and Recommendations for Bulgaria”

Paris, France

First International Conference of the World Observatory on Subnational Government Finance and Investment

Porto, Portugal

OECD-National Assembly of Portugal workshop
"Decentralisation and Regionalisation in Portugal: Lessons from International Experiences and Recommendations"




OECD-European Union Committee of the Regions (CoR) Conference "Subnational Finance and Investment Ten Years after the Crisis"

Paris, France

OECD Centre of Green Finance and Investment Forum
Session on "Financing Green Projects in Regions and Cities“

Paris, France

OECD-European Commission Seminar
Decentralising or Recentralising: Getting the Facts Right about Regional and Local Autonomy

Bogota, Colombia

OECD-DNP High-level Seminar
“Colombia built from the regions: dialogues on decentralisation”



Santiago, Chile

OECD-SUBDERE conference
Making decentralisation work: towards stronger municipalities 

L’viv, Ukraine

OECD-Ministry of Regional Development, Housing and Construction of Ukraine Seminar
Enhancing Public Investment across Levels of Government

Bratislava, Slovak Republic

OECD-Ministry of Regional Development of the Slovak Republic Seminar
Innovations and Challenges in the Management of Regional Policy




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