Regional, rural and urban development

Multi-level Governance, Public Investment and Subnational Finance


At the OECD, we help governments design adaptive multi-level governance systems and innovative finance tools, to foster partnerships and ensure more effective investment outcomes, including to meet climate objectives in regions and cities.













We collect and analyse data on subnational government structure and finance to support evidence-based policy-making.


We carry out a wide range of studies - from multi-level governance and decentralisation, to subnational public finance and climate-related investment in regions and cities.


We cover OECD Member countries and beyond, at the national and subnational levels.

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The First Pilot Meeting on Multi-level Governance and Public Investment for Regional Development

This Pilot Meeting gathered government representatives and experts from different countries and institutions to discuss how multi-level governance instruments and reforms can support crisis management and recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic at all levels of government and also help generate more resilient territorial development.


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The impact of the COVID-19 crisis on regional and local governments: Main findings from the joint CoR-OECD survey

This Brief summarises the main findings from the CoR-OECD COVID-19 Survey on “The impact of the COVID-19 crisis on regional and local governments: governance, finance and recovery plans”. This on-line survey was carried out in June and July 2020 among representatives of subnational governments of the European Union. Answers were received from 300 subnational government respondents representing 24 countries.


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Enhancing climate and environment-related subnational public finance

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Report: Financing climate objectives in cities and regions to deliver sustainable and inclusive growth

Project brief: Measuring subnational climate-related finance for climate action


Making Decentralisation Work: A Handbook for Policy-Makers

The report identifies 10 guidelines for more effective decentralisation to support regional and local development. The report proposes concrete tools for policy-makers, including detailed sets of recommendations, checklists, pitfalls to avoid and examples of good practices, both in unitary and federal countries.

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OECD-UCLG World Observatory on Subnational Government Finance and Investment Initiative

Covering over 120 countries, the SNG-WOFI initiative is the world’s leading source of internationally comparable data and analysis on subnational government structure and finance.

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Implementing the OECD Recommendation on Effective Public Investment across Levels of Government

12 Principles to promote more effective public investment and a Toolkit with insight on good practices in OECD countries and beyond.

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The Future of Regional Development and Public Investment in Wales, United Kingdom Pilot Database on Regional Government Finance and Investment: Key findings Decentralisation and Regionalisation in Portugal:
What Reform Scenarios?
Strengthening Governance of EU Funds under Cohesion Policy

Financing Climate Objectives in Cities and Regions to Deliver Sustainable and Inclusive Growth

Making Decentralisation Work: A Handbook for Policy-Makers

Rethinking Regional Development Policy-Making

MLG_Regional database MLG_COVER_Portugal  Cover of report: Strengthening Governance of EU Funds under Cohesion Policy

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