Elena Salgado Méndez



Elena Salgado Méndez                         

Minister for Public Administration      



Ms. Salgado, born in Ourense (Spain) in 1949, is an Industrial Engineer, specialised in Energy and Organisation, and holds an M.A. in Economic Sciences and an M.B.A. in Industrial Organisation.

Ms. Salgado held the following positions in the Public Sector: Director of the Department of Studies in the Institute for Small and Medium-sized Businesses (Ministry of Industry and Trade) (1982-1984); Director General for Personnel Expenditure and Public Pensions (Ministry of Economy and Finance) (1985-1991); Deputy Minister for Communications (Ministry of Public Works, Transport and Environment) (1991-1996).

From 1997 to 2004 she held leading positions in different private companies: Lenci Consulting (1997-2002); Vallehermoso Telecom (2002-2003); 11811 Nueva Información Telefónica (filial de Telegate AG) (2003); Abertis Telecom (2004).

Ms Salgado served as Minister for Health and Consumer Affaires from 2004 till 2007, before becoming Minister for Public Administration, in July 2007.



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