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Local economic strategy series: Review of Belfast


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Publication Date:
June 2009

Pages: 137

The success of Belfast over the next 25 years is critical to the success of Northern Ireland. The city should be seen as a gateway for trade, employment, services and visitors and a magnet for private sector investment, growth sectors and jobs. This in turn is essential if the people of the region are to enjoy the right quality of life and standards of living, and if the lasting dividends of the Peace Settlement are to be secured and broadly shared.
These will not only benefit the region. Many countries also want to learn from the experience that Belfast and Northern Ireland are now having. There are lessons for many other parts of the world that can be distilled and disseminated as an example of how to capitalise on restored peace.
This freely available publication examines the local development agenda in the city offers lessons from the exceptional circumstances that have shaped the city over the last thirty years and it its remarkable revival over the last decade.

Published by the OECD Local Economic and Employment Development (LEED) Programme.

Table of contents:

Key Speeches from the Conference “State Of The City V”, 20 May 2008
 Sir Reg Empey, Minister for Employment and Learning
 Councillor Michael Browne, Chair of Development, Belfast City Council Development Committee
 Bruce Robinson, Permanent Secretary, Dept of Finance and Personnel
DSD Ministerial Text for the OECD Report on the Future Development of Belfast
 Urban development
 Neighbourhood renewal
 Community development
Chapter 1  The Review
Chapter 2  Taking Forward the Economic Development of Belfast: The Key Issues
Chapter 3  The Position Elsewhere
Chapter 4  Moving Forward
Chapter 5  The Package Of Instruments
Chapter 6  Leading The Process
Chapter 7  Conclusions and Recommendations

Appendix 1  North South Opportunities for Dublin
Appendix 2  Case Study: Local Government and Development in South Africa
Appendix 3  Full Employment Strategies for Cities: 10 Guiding Principles
Appendix 4  10 Principles for Financing Local Development


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