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  • 9-April-2013

    English, PDF, 2,156kb

    Report: Małopolska region demographic transition - Working for the future

    This paper outlines the findings of the Poland case study for the Małopolska region for the OECD LEED international project on local scenarios of demographic change.

  • 9-April-2013

    English, PDF, 3,729kb

    Report: Pomorskie region - Responding to demographic transitions towards 2035

    This paper outlines the findings of the Poland case study for the Pomorskie region for the OECD LEED international project on local scenarios of demographic change.

  • 8-April-2013

    English, PDF, 6,516kb

    Demographic change and local development: Shrinkage, regeneration and social dynamics - Highlights

    Demographic change is one of the key challenges today for local development together with globalisation, knowledge/technological shift, climate change and the development of the green economy, inclusiveness and poverty.

  • 26-March-2013


    9th Annual Meeting of the OECD LEED Forum on Partnerships and Local Governance (Dublin-Kilkenny, Ireland)

    Localities across the OECD area are confronted with the challenge of reducing high and persistent unemployment and defining new sources of economic growth, all in the context of shrinking public resources. The 9th Annual Meeting offered an opportunity to reflect on innovative ways to support local job creation, business growth and effective policy delivery.

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  • 25-March-2013

    English, PDF, 96kb

    Seminar: Back to Katrina - What strategies for urban resilience? What economic and social territorial impacts? (Paris, France)

    Disaster is now the norm. As we build and rebuild cities for the future we will have to create new models of spatial and economic development based on continuing violent and unpredictable weather. This seminar engaged this topic, asking questions and pointing to directions for an unknowable natural environment.

  • 21-March-2013

    English, PDF, 299kb

    Conference: Demographic transition and ageing society - Implications for local labour markets (Lodz, Poland)

    The main purpose of the conference was to summarise the local scenarios of demographic change project results, present the most important conclusions and recommendations coming out from its realiaation and discuss strategic approaches to counteract negative results of demographic changes in Poland and in other OECD countries.

  • 17-March-2013


    Report: An international benchmarking analysis of public Programmes for High-growth firms

    High-growth firms (HGFs) – firms able to grow fast over a short period of time – contribute to most new jobs in advanced economies.

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  • 13-March-2013


    Report: Delivering local development - New growth and investment strategies

    The OECD LEED Delivering Local Development work stream examines the local and regional framework conditions and instruments for intervention to achieve successful local economic development in participating countries and localities. It covers strategic themes encompassing finance and investment, building the knowledge base, delivery vehicles and economic strategies (including the local development impacts from global events).

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  • 20-February-2013


    Report: Job creation through the social economy and social entrepreneurship

    This report examines the role of Social Economy Organisation's in the provision of employment, and how they have fared during the recent period of economic turbulence.

  • 30-January-2013


    Apprenticeships in London: Boosting Skills in a City Economy with Comment on Lessons from Germany

    The London Apprenticeship Campaign was launched in 2010 to boost the number of apprentices in London. It was developed as part of an ongoing policy focus to tackle long-standing skill shortfalls in the city, shortages which have been constraining employment, social opportunity and productivity.

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