Local Economic and Employment Development (LEED Programme)

European Day of the Entrepreneur, Zagreb, Croatia, 5-6 October 2004



The European Day of the Entrepreneur (EDE) has been launched as a pilot project by Eurocities and the European Commission’s PAXIS programme to built on the experiences of the cities that organise entrepreneurial events at local level.

The project hopes to:

  • Achieve higher visibility and impact due to the co-ordination and synergy among local events 
  • Identify and validate good practices, on the basis of a common agreed methodology 
  • Provide mutual learning opportunities at European level 
  • Input directly on European policies that could support entrepreneurship and innovation

The objective of the European Day of the Entrepreneur in Croatia, organised by UMIS-SMEA (LEED Partners), is to unite the efforts of all interested parties for developing innovative methods by taking advantage of the best ideas and results of local and European partners, as well as other countries in the neighborhood, for the entrepreneurship development in Croatia. The conference will include discussions on the national strategy of developing innovative entrepreneurship, on the key institutions' policies on providing support to SMEs and developing entrepreneurship. It will also present examples of successful know-how transfer of EU and South Eastern European countries, and will set up an exchange market of innovative entrepreneurship services.

For registration and further information, please contact Ms. Katarina Jagic or by phone +385 1 2441 491

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