Local Economic and Employment Development (LEED Programme)

European Cities Tour of Latin American Leaders


Last Monday 16th February, as part of a European Cities Tour, the OECD LEED Programme hosted a delegation of 15 Latin American Leaders (ranging from mayors to secretaries-of-state) from Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Peru for a one-day meeting at OECD Headquarters. Several representatives from the World Bank and the World Bank Institute were also present, as well as some LEED Partners.  The tour is being sponsored by the World Bank Institute.  Host organizations include:  the OECD LEED Programme, ASNM - Agenzia Sviluppo Nord Milano, the Urban Age Institute (Washington D.C.), the European Association of Development Agencies, as well as the Mayors of Milan, Bilbao and London.

The meeting was held in Salle C, Château de la Muette and a buffet lunch was served in the Salle George Marshall.

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