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Culture and Local Development


Culture and Local Development


Culture and Local Development

Culture is an integral part of local development. Just like at the national level, culture is linked to job creation, exports and revenues at the local level too. Whether in cities, metropolitan areas or regions, culture has become an essential component in the quality of life, a source of tourist revenue and a “creativity lever” for new goods and services. The contribution of culture to employment can vary from 3 to 7 % or more. It is no surprise then, that encouraging cultural tourism, cultural districts and cultural neighbourhoods are high on the agendas of local governments.

This publication highlights the impact of culture on local economies and the methodological issues related to its identification.  In particular, the book demonstrates that the contemporary contribution of culture to economic development is not only limited to attracting tourists, but that it increasingly acts as a catalyst for other activities to further develop through territorial clusters. It also demonstrates the power of culture as a tool for the social integration of distressed people and communities, thus contributing to sustainable development.

Building on recent international case studies, Culture and Local Development shows how public policies can foster culture as a lever for local economic development in terms of partnerships, tax relief, and other innovative instruments. The book also sets out the implications for national governments in the fields of education and intellectual property rights. This publication is available now.

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