Local Economic and Employment Development (LEED Programme)

Central European Initiative Annual Summit in Trieste 21-24 November 2001


The LEED Programme's input for this year's CEI Summit touched upon two themes:

1. Local Clusters.

The LEED programme has launched together with the EBRD and the CEI a project on "Local clusters in transition economies". The first stage of this project (gathering information, identifying contacts and preparing a background and methodology paper) has been achieved. The second stage (the organisation of five workshops in five CEI countries) is now well under way. The third stage (organising a final conference, publishing a report and extending the project to other CEI countries) is foreseen for 2002 and 2003. LEED presented preliminary results of the first seminar that took place in Ljubljana, Slovenia, on 19 November 2001at the Friday morning session. Member organisations of the LEED partners Club, such as Informest, Italy, are associated to this project.

2. Women entrepreneurship.

The LEED Programme is part of the CEI Steering Group on Women entrepreneurship, bringing together representatives from international organisations (UNECE), national public representatives and local associations. Dina Ionescu from the LEED Programme presented OECD-LEED work on women entrepreneurship and outline possible future collaboration between the CEI and LEED at the Summit session on Wednesday morning.

This Summit was attended by Sergio Arzeni, Head, LEED Programme ( ) and Dina Ionescu ( )

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