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Fiscal Decentralisation and Inclusive Growth in Asia

This report looks at the challenges faced by Asian countries in addressing inclusive growth and fiscal decentralisation. A series of studies examines how policies in the region have evolved in accordance with changes in demography and the economic environment, reflecting country characteristics, history and political economy forces.

Published on June 13, 2019

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Executive summary
Decentralisation in a globalised world: Consequences and opportunities
A global view of sub-national governments in Asia: Structure and finance
Fiscal decentralisation and inclusive growth: The role of institutional context in selected Asian economies
Public policy for a modernising China: The challenge of providing universal access to education under fiscal decentralisation
Inclusive growth and fiscal decentralisation in Japan: Current state and challenges
Inclusive growth and decentralisation in Korea
Decentralisation to promote regional development in Indonesia
Strengthening the internal revenue allotment system towards greater equity in the Philippines
Fiscal federalism in the Russian Federation and its Asian regions
Fiscal decentralisation and governance in Thailand
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