• 13-October-2014


    Workshop: HEInnovate Workshop - Sofia, Bulgaria

    Workshop on HEInnovate held in Sofia, Bulgaria

  • 3-July-2012


    Capacity building seminar: Strategic approaches to demographic change in Russia, Eastern Europe and OECD countries (Trento, Italy)

    The seminar was targeted at national, regional and local practitioners who dealt with anticipating and managing demographic changes in Russia and Eastern European countries and wanted to interchange experiences and approaches with other experts from OECD countries.

  • 27-June-2012


    Capacity building seminar: Financing business start-up by under-represented groups (Trento, Italy)

    This seminar was part of a three-year programme of cooperation between the European Commission and the OECD LEED Programme to monitor and report on entrepreneurial activity in Europe and related public policies and actions.

  • 22-February-2005


    Conference on Financing Entrepreneurship at Regional and Local Level in Bulgaria and other South-East European Regions, Sofia, Bulgaria, 17 March 2005

    This seminar is a unique opportunity to debate the results of recent entrepreneurship development in Bulgaria and will focus on the theme of financing entrepreneurship at local and regional level...

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