The Missing Entrepreneurs

Policies for Inclusive Entrepreneurship in Europe

Published on December 18, 2013

Also available in: German, French

Entrepreneurship development is an important requirement for achieving of smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. It is also a means to respond to new economic challenges, to create jobs and to fight social and financial exclusion. The impact of the global financial and economic crisis calls for giving entrepreneurship and self-employment a stronger role in economic and social development policies.This book collects and synthesizes information and data on entrepreneurship activities in Europe, focusing on people that are at the greatest risk of social exclusion. These groups include young people, older people, women, ethnic minorities and migrants, people with disabilities and the unemployed.


Executive summary
The meaning and importance of policies for inclusive entrepreneurship
Inclusive entrepreneurship activities in Europe4 chapters available
Inclusive entrepreneurship over the business life cycle
Impact of self-employment and entrepreneurship
Part I Reader's Guide
Policies for inclusive entrepreneurship4 chapters available
Policies to improve institutions
Policies for entrepreneurship skills
Policies for financing
Delivering policies to the target group
Country profiles28 chapters available
Data and inspiring practices in inclusive entrepreneurship policy: Country examples
Austria: Mingo Migrant Enterprises
Belgium: Activity Co-operatives (“Activiteitencoöperaties”)
Bulgaria: Employment through entrepreneurship
Cyprus: The Women's Co-operative Bank
Czech Republic: Assistance Centres for Female Entrepreneurship
Denmark: Ethnic Coach for Ethnic Minority Entrepreneurs
Estonia: ENTRUM (Youth Entrepreneurship Development Programme)
Finland: Start-Up Grant
France: Auto Entrepreneurship
Germany: Start-Up Subsidy
Greece: Self-Employment for the Vulnerable Unemployed
Hungary: Social Co-operative Support Scheme
Ireland: Going for Growth
Italy: Affirmative Action for Female Entrepreneurship (Act No. 215/1992)
Latvia: Grants for Business Start-Ups
Lithuania: Entrepreneurship Promotion Fund
Luxembourg: Federation of Women Chief Executives
Malta: Start Your Own Business
Netherlands: Start-up Credit for Partially Occupationally Disabled Persons
Poland: Promotion of Entrepreneurship and Self-Employment
Portugal: Programme for Entrepreneurship and Self-Employment
Romania: AntrES Women's School of Entrepreneurship
Slovak Republic: Training and Advisory Services for Potential Entrepreneurs
Slovenia: Self-Employment Subsidy
Sweden: Reform of the social insurance system for self-employed workers
United Kingdom: The Prince's Trust Youth Business Scotland
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