Radioactive Waste in Perspective

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Published on September 10, 2010

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Large volumes of hazardous wastes are produced each year, however only a small proportion of them are radioactive. While disposal options for hazardous wastes are generally well established, some types of hazardous waste face issues similar to those for radioactive waste and also require long-term disposal arrangements. The objective of this NEA study is to put the management of radioactive waste into perspective, firstly by contrasting features of radioactive and hazardous wastes, together with their management policies and strategies, and secondly by examining the specific case of the wastes resulting from carbon capture and storage of fossil fuels. The study seeks to give policy makers and interested stakeholders a broad overview of the similarities and differences between radioactive and hazardous wastes and their management strategies.


Key Points for Policy Makers
Executive Summary
Theme 1
Theme 2
Risk, Perceived Risk and Public Attitudes
Concluding Discussion and Lessons Learnt
Appendices6 chapters available
Strategic Issues for Radioactive Waste
Strategic Issues for Hazardous Waste
Case Studies
Risk and Perceived Risk
List of Participants
List of Abbreviations
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