Managing Risk in Agriculture

A Holistic Approach

Published on September 18, 2009

Also available in: French

The sources of risk in agriculture are numerous and diverse, ranging from events related to climate and weather conditions to animal diseases; from changes in agriculture commodities prices to changes in fertilizer and other input prices; and from financial uncertainties to policy and regulatory risks. Agricultural risks are not independent, but rather are linked both to each other and as part of a system that includes all available instruments, strategies and policies designed to manage risk. A holistic approach is thus necessary. This book examines the current magnitude and characteristics of risk-related policies in agriculture and what is known about the quantitative size of agricultural risks. It looks at the on-farm, off-farm, and market instruments available to manage risk, and it explains how the holistic approach helps clarify the role of governments.


Executive Summary
Risk Management in Agriculture
An Overview of Risk-Related Policy Measures
An Assessment of Risk Exposure in Agriculture Based on a Review of the Literature
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