Improving Agricultural Knowledge and Innovation Systems

OECD Conference Proceedings

Published on February 13, 2012

This conference proceedings from the OECD Conference on Agricultural Knowledge Systems (AKS), held in Paris, on 15-17 June 2011, discusses a large range of experiences and approaches to AKS  explores how to foster development and adoption of innovation to meet global food security and climate change challenges. The conference considered developments in institutional frameworks, public and private roles and partnerships, regulatory frameworks conducive to innovation, the adoption of innovations and technology transfers, and the responsiveness of AKS to broader policy objectives.


Foreword and Acknowledgements
Executive summary
Agenda of the OECD Conference on Agricultural Knowledge Systems
How well do Agricultural Knowledge Systems respond to new challenges?6 chapters available
Global and US trends in agricultural R&D in a global food security setting
Agricultural Knowledge and Innovation Systems in transition
Australia's approach to rural research, development and extension
China's agricultural innovation system
Agricultural R&D in Africa
Responses to new agricultural challenges
Institutional framework for improving the responsiveness of Agricultural Knowledge Systems6 chapters available
Perspectives from the UK foresight global food and farming futures programme
Experiences with CGIAR reorganisation
Institutional Agricultural Knowledge System reforms in New Zealand and international networks
Innovative institutional approaches for Agricultural Knowledge System management in India
Raising awareness of agricultural knowledge and information system in Spain
Responses of the French Agricultural Knowledge System to new agricultural challenges
Public / private roles4 chapters available
Intellectual property rights and the role of public and levy-funded research
The role of business in working with government to develop Agricultural Knowledge Systems for global challenges
Partnerships in agricultural innovation
The role of innovation brokers in the agricultural innovation system
Regulatory framework conducive to innovation4 chapters available
The European Union system for health and consumer protection
The United States approach for fostering new biological technologies and ensuring their safety
Breeding business
Public-private partnerships
Facilitating adoption of innovations and technology transfers5 chapters available
A rainbow revolution and participatory plant breeding
A Farmer's experience with biotech crops in South Africa
Latin America: Public agricultural advisory services
The Brazilian Agricultural Research for Development (ARD) System
Facilitating adoption and technology transfers
Responding to broaderpolicy objectives1 chapter available
Final round table
Conclusions2 chapters available
Summary of some key issues raised and implications for the policy agenda in OECD countries
Implications for OECD work
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