OECD Factbook 2011-2012




OECD Factbook is the best-selling, annual title from the OECD.  It provides a global overview of today’s major economic, social and environmental indicators, in a range of user-friendly formats.

More countries than ever are covered in greater detail, enabling direct comparisons for many indicators between OECD Members and Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Russian Federation and South Africa.

In addition, StatLinks below every table and graph contain further data in Excel™.

This 50th Anniversary Edition includes a special chapter with data covering the 50 years of OECD statistics.


OECD Factbook 2011-2012 – how do you like yours?

Not surprisingly for such an innovative publication, it exists in a number of different versions, to suit our readers’ requirements.



Publication date: December 2011.
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300 pages of indicators, definitions, analysis and trends.  The definitive statistical reference publication.

Web Book

2011-2012 edition published in December 2011. The gateway to the PDFs, Excel™ and interactive graphs.  Access to the key indicators for the World’s leading economies is only a click away.

iPhone App

Download 2011 edition the app on your iPhone/iTouch for easy consultation of OECD Factbook indicators at any time, whether you are online or offline. Developed by AAZ 

Android App

The OECD Factbook App presents 100 economic indicators in a format specially designed for your Android smartphone.

Access the database

Freely accessible, users can create and download their own data queries.


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