Challenges for Agricultural Research

As the world has changed during the past 50 years, so has agriculture. And so has agricultural research, which continues to confront new challenges, from food security to ecological concerns to land use issues. Indeed, as Guy Paillotin, the former president of the French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA) has noted, agricultural research “has reached new heights in biology and is exploring other disciplines. It is forever changing, as are the needs of the society”. The changing challenges faced by agricultural research were examined in depth at a conference organised by the OECD’s Co-operative Research Programme on Biological Resource Management for Sustainable Agricultural Systems, together with the Czech Republic’s Ministry of Agriculture. Participants came from all agricultural sectors and included farmers, industry, scientists and decision makers, as well as other stake holders. This publication presents the twenty papers delivered at the conference. They highlight recent major progress in agricultural research outcomes and address the challenges that lie ahead.

Published on January 04, 2011


Executive Summary
Report from the CRP Reflection Group meeting on “Vision for the Future”
Coping with Pressures on Natural Resources (Water and Soil)4 chapters available
Balancing Global Agricultural Water Supply and Demand
Effect of Reduced Water Supplies on Food Production Economies
Global Soil Resource Base: Degradation and Loss to Other Uses
Soil Resources: Science-Based Sustainability
Delivering Agriculture for Food and the Environment3 chapters available
Managing Agricultural Landscapes for Production and Biodiversity Outcomes
The Role of Genetically Modified Plants in Sustainable Crop Protection
Science-Based Policy Issues to Enable Sustainability on the Ground
Competition in Agriculture for Food, Fibre and Fuel4 chapters available
Economic Balance on Competition for Arable Land between Food and Biofuel: Global Responsibilities of Food, Energy and Environmental Security
Genetic Technology, Sustainable Animal Agriculture and Global Climate Change
Challenges and Opportunities for Further Improvements in Wheat Yield
Replacement of Fish Meal in Aquaculture Diets with Plant Ingredients as a Means of Improving Seafood Quality
Food Safety Today and Tomorrow: the Challenges in Changing Food and Farming Practices5 chapters available
Major Trends in Mycotoxin Research
Food without Zoonotic Agents: Fact or Fiction?
Altering Foods Derived from Animals for the Future?
Plants for the Future
Genetic Resources as the Building Blocks for Breeding: Current Status and Challenges
Regulatory Challenges4 chapters available
Animal Biotechnology in the United States: the Regulation of Animal Clones and Genetically Engineered Animals
Animal Cloning and Transgenesis
The Biotechnology and Biosafety Activities at the OECD
Biosafety Assessment of the EFSA GMO Panel
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